FOF #1319 – Trends And Predictions for 2011

Jan 28, 2011 · 1985 views

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Today we predict what 2011 will be like by looking at the events and trends that made the headlines in 2010 and warping them into the future. Ripsters, GagaFlauge, Micro-Fruits, Cash Cats and Temporary Face Lifts, all coming your way.

Joining us is LA based puppet artist Marsian Delellis- described as “a crazy hall of mirrors on which society can see itself.”


  1. Tony C says:

    I admit to be a total RIPster

  2. marsian says:

    Admitting is the first step, Tony!

  3. dc_gay_man says:

    I love these predictions.

  4. Chickengirl says:

    I love the cash cat site lmao….

    and Fausto you are already right about old cartoon companies making their cartoons with 3D animation. WB made a Wiley Coyote/Road Runner cartoon in glorious 3D/CG animation, that I saw in a theater when I was still in art college late last year. Since it looked so good on the big screen, and with the 3D gimmick, I’m sure they will make more of these and show them before animated movies.

    Also, for the water hunters, I wonder if anyone has tried to take water from the Barton Springs pool, which Fausto might know of. Its a big swimming hole, but it’s also a natural spring.

  5. Peter Snead says:

    I love when Marsian is a guest. One of my favs and always entertaining. I predict that FOF will be even bigger this year and I cant wait to see what you guys put together for the New Year.


  6. Phil says:

    Just out of interest that “Himalayan salt” sounds very similar to a type of salt that has been very popular for a few years in higher end cafe’s for the past 10 years called Murray river pink salt.

    was wondering if this salt is an Australian thing or other county’s where using the same thing

  7. RcktMan says:

    Yes, yes YES!!! I am a RIPster, and I am not ashamed of it. Thank you for calling me out on it, Marc. 🙂

    It really all started when my co-worker and I became so obsessed with celebrity deaths. We both joined the “Celebrity Death Beeper,” which sends us emails whenever someone famous (or relatively famous) dies.

    Why is this such a phenomenon? I have no idea.

    Also on the 3D cartoon characters, Sesame Street introduced 3D(ish) CGI versions of Ernie and Bert and many of the other Muppets this year. I think they look awful– but that’s just me.

    Here’s my prediction: Retrogos: We will see more popular brands change their logos and designs to those used in the 60s and 70s. “Retro” designs will become even bigger in 2011, as the Gen-Xers move into their 40s and try to re-live the “glory days” of their youth.

    I LOVE Marisan’s appearances on the show. Absolutely LOVE these shows. I look forward to it every year.

  8. marsian says:

    Thanks Rick the RIPster! And good trend spotting! Its bitter sweet: I love this show too and like the tens of hundreds of fans, I look forward to it every year. I just wish next year wasn’t going to be the last one with the apocalypse just around the corner and all. 🙁

  9. I just came up with a new term for 2011- YouBoober- and boob that makes online videos about their dumb ideas.

  10. marsian says:

    Youboober – the producer of a low-quality, poorly edited video blog or vlog, void of original ideas and content.

    (Marc please post examples).

    I love how Tips and Trends is turning into our own little Wikifreaks.

  11. dc_gay_man says:

    Foodie “Bug Chasers” will be a 2011 trend. Marsian called it right here.

  12. marsian says:

    Wait a sec, dc-gay-man… I just want to be specific about which bug-chasing foodie trend we are talking about so that we can all be on the same page… Do you mean the “Bug-Chasers” as ginseng-eating red ants are IN? Or are you referring to the trend of foodies intentionally ingesting parasites and tapeworms to accelerate their eating disorders??

  13. Warren says:

    I’m just now getting around to this episode, and given your predictions about dictators taking over social networking sites and what has been happening in the Middle East since this episode was first released would FOF like to revise its predictions for the rest of 2011? 🙂

  14. Benj says:

    Here’s a video of the object-sexual lading saying, “I want your fluids.” “That fence is kind of hot.” CRAZY!

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