FOF #1651 – The World’s Most Famous Gay Hustler

Sep 5, 2012 · 1985 views

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Actor Michael Kearns shares his never before told stories from his new book “The Truth is Bad Enough” – how his method acting led to him to being the world’s most famous male sex worker, and making love to Barry Manilow.


  1. great show! Michael is an amazing person with an incredible story! 😀

  2. cassiofm says:

    Great show. I loved when he says something like “I dont know if should get into the details of the sex with that guy” and both are like “YES, PLEASE!” lol. But then while he talked I could hear someone typing something, werent you paying attention to his story? 😀
    I love when the guests get really excited about being on the show for a second time and show how much they love it! I’ll do the same when I’m famous and you guys interview me 😀 heheh

  3. Great Guests so far this week!

  4. colaboy29 says:

    Great show, boys! Michael has such great stories. I am putting his book on my to-read list.

  5. BASboy says:

    Wonderful stories told… deffinately inspired me to order the book and I wait to bust the cherry on my new Kindle White Paper by making that the first book I read. Oct. 3 can’t get here fast enough for me to get it.

  6. AMAZING SHOW! Michael Kearns is so delightful, he has such wonderful funny stories to tell. I really enjoyed hearing about his experiences as a gay man in St Louis, Chicago, New York and LA starting in the late 1960s! His descriptions of the YMCA and Stonewall Inn really made history seem to come to life for us. And what an amazing life story as The Happy Hustler! And what funny stories about Betty White! And how disturbing about what it was like to be communist and gay in Hollywood during the horrible Cold War persecution (Will Greer)–fascinating story about his blond “boy” and Shakespeare! Thanks for interviewing him! You guys were wonderful hosts.

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