FOF #1696 – Peaches Christ, You Smell Terrific!

Nov 14, 2012 · 1985 views

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Of all our senses, smell may well be the most emotionally powerful.

The sweet scented Peaches Christ joins us to talk about smell, and why so many drag queens are so stinky! What causes us to smell so bad, and how to freshen up your costumes, wigs, and your very own body to smell your very best.


  1. Jake says:

    I think the vodka/water tip would work really well. It will kill the bacteria making the smell, and it’s volatile, so it will evaporate quickly. I think acetone would work too, but try it on a small part of the garment before you douse the entire thing.

    Marc, you said something like protein causes bad breath on low carb diets, and this is false. The bad breath is actually a byproduct of ketosis

    Ketosis is when fatty acids are converted into ketones (acetoacetate and beta-25-hydroxy-butyrate) so they can be used in place of glucose. When a person first starts a low carb or ketogenic diet, their body is unaccustomed to using this fuel source efficiently, so some ketones are wasted, and are excreted in the urine as acetoacetate and through the lungs as acetone.

    After about 2 weeks, the individual will become used to using this fuel source, and the bad breath will dissipate because the ketones that are being produced will be burned more efficiently.

    Here’s a good blog post about ketosis. There are many citations.

    p.s. Love the show!

  2. hisssterical! Only you guys could pull off this topic. i giggled on the train several times!

    my view on cologne, if you know how to wear it, wear it. Unfortunately very few people do. Too much of a good thing is definitely not a good thing. We had a friend from NY stay with us for a long weekend. He was here for only a few days. His scent, unfortunatley lingered for weeks. As a result we have a no frangrance rule at the Beale Street B&B (as you know).

    Kirk had a great line years ago when we were out clubbing and walked next to an exceptionally ripe bear: honey, his Tom’s of Maine (deoderant) turned into Toms of Finland. We still use it whenever we encounter someone who’s a bit ripe.

  3. icurbones says:

    Another helpful trick for nice smelling crotches is “freshballs” think of it as a king of after shave for ur balls! After a long days work you can scratch ur balls and smell ur fingers and not pass out from the stench! You can only get it at their website btw I’m a customer and I’m not getting paid to say this, it just really works!
    Loved the show today guys!

  4. I can’t stand body odor whatsoever, men that reek is a total turn-off for me. When I was still in art college there was this one Indian guy who worked at the school library who would check out your books who deliberately did not wear any kind of deodorant or cologne, because every time I checked out books from him he stank. It made me wonder how the other students working in the same area as him could stand it. As for smells that are turn-ons..hmm..maybe smells of food I would like to eat, hahaha I don’t know, I don’t think about it too much.

    I sweat easily, but mainly in my armpits which is gross, uncomfortable, and annoying. So I have no choice but to use that “clinical protection” anti-perspirant deodorant during the day, it’s the only kind that works for me. If it gives me cancer, eh, if I get cancer from something I put into my body it probably won’t be the stupid deodorant.

    Loved having Peaches on the show to discuss with you guys this stinky subject! great show as always!

  5. So I’m guilty of neglecting my make up brushes. This show inspired me to get up and clean my brushes… So much brown clay-like liquid dripped from it I could of built a pueblo. I was disgusted. Thank you. Feast of Fun has again helped me through what could of been a very difficult struggle.

    And Marc did you ever see the movie Jackie’s Back? There’s a great line in it”White people smell like wet potato chips!”

  6. Great podcast! Smells – what a topic! Fun to hear from ya fellas! Laughed out loud during the p-cast – just about tripped/fell on my 9-mile run after Peaches said something (cant quite remember now).. nice to have you in my daily-grind mwah!

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