FOF #1986 – 5 Biggest Mistakes Gay Men Make in Relationships

May 12, 2014 · 1985 views

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As Marriage Equality sweeps the nation, many gay couples are facing some difficult expectations when it comes to their relationships.

Listen as Damon L. Jacobs talks about the five biggest mistakes gay men make in relationships, why nagging doesnt work and how to build trust again after a great betrayal.


  1. Bryce says:

    Marc does make everything better. Fausto, you’re the balloon full of helium. Marc is the string keeping your from flying away. You guys make sense together.

    I loved Damon L. Jacobs. I agreed mostly with what he said. He spoke with such reverence that it helped to change a lot of my attitudes in regards to relationships. I think I know what my next eBook purchase is going to be.

    I loved his example about taking back the term ‘Prep Whore’. Not to bring up the She-Male issue yet again but perhaps those who are harping on the issue should take a page from what Jacobs said. Take back the word. Educate. Don’t nag. Honestly all I hear is nagging whenever the issue is brought up and very, very little education.

    Fausto, Marc and Damon – as a gay black individual – I am not surprised by the reaction surrounding Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend and I’m really surprised you guys were. I mean, I live in the south and regardless of being gay or not, the issues of race are still a very raw and open wound. I know black men who only exclusively date black men and white men who only exclusively date white men because they cannot get away from a racist mindset that has been ingrained in them since the very beginning. Personally I see nothing wrong with races mixing in friendships and relationships. In fact I find it a beautiful thing and I’m grateful I had a parent who allowed me to be friends and form relationships with those who’s ethnicity and race was different from mine. I wish Michael Sam and his boyfriend the best. They have an uphill battle ahead of them and I hope they remain vigilant. There are going to be members of the black and gay communities who will want to see them falter and fall. Sometimes the obvious enemy isn’t the one who will ultimately defeat you.

    Thank you for another great show! Love you guys! XOXO

  2. Federico says:

    Great show! Damon L. Jacobs makes everything seem so simple.

    My husband and I have been together for 9 years (married 4). Same sex marriage is illegal in Italy so we went to London to tie the knot and we are now fighting to have it recognized in our country.

    Many gay people in Italy are not supportive of our choice to get married. They think that it’s a heterosexual institution and that gay people should not cage themselves in something old and straight.

    I don’t agree with them. I think that gay people can make that institution fresh again, getting rid of traditions that give us burdens and risk to make our lives miserable.

    Love is the core of a relationship but we must not forget that gay weddings give us rights and we deserve them. The rest is up to the couple to decide what to do with their relationship.

    My husband and I are a monogamous couple because we talked about it and we agreed on it. Some gay friends don’t respect that, they believe all gay relationships should be open and that monogamy is for straigh people. I think everyone deserves the freedom to choose the rules they want to follow.

    Thanks you guys!!!

  3. colaboy29 says:

    Damon was great! He makes so much sense with his thoughts on relationships. He’s another guest I am looking forward to you having on the show again soon.

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