FOF #2190 – 5000 Naked Against Equality

Jul 22, 2015 · 1985 views

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We just got back from our secret trip to New York but we really can’t tell you why we were there. Lets just say we had fun, but in other ways it was a real DRAG since we had to RACE all around the city.

One thing that’s great about New York City is the folks are very chatty and waste no time letting you know exactly how they feel.


  1. Here’s the full Alaska / Scissor Sisters’ mashup:

  2. Cuntasia says:

    I enjoyed the Spandau Ballet parody. We just saw them a few months ago and they are great live and they all look great.

  3. GaryS says:

    Gentelmen, You know I love you very much, but your recommendations about safe sex are a little sketchy. Though knowing your HIV status is very important, it is not the most important thing to know when protecting yourself from becoming infected. Knowing your status does NOT protect you from becoming infected by having unsafe sex with someone who is 1) Lying about their HIV status, 2) Ignorant about their status or 3) Lying about taking medication.
    As Fausto says, its easy to lie about taking medication, or your status, but very difficult to lie about wearing a condom. As stated by GMHC, the safest way to prevent infection, intravenous drug use aside, is STILL not to have sex without a condom.
    And BTW, not too sure about the ‘Viral Count’ song……., but LOVE the Alaska/SS mash-up.

  4. Oh my God! I’m so sick of this conversation. First on Reddit and now on FoF. It’s PAY-LEE-HO. Like the Paleo Diet, but ending with “ho”. Not Pah-lee-hoe (Fausto can’t even pronounce Katya FFS!) or Pale-hoe (people on Reddit are dumb!). It’s Pay, like pay your money, Lee , like Bruce Lee, and Ho, like you’re a god damn hoe! This is came from Paleho himself on reddit. I can’t be arsed searching for hours though his comments to find it, but that’s how it is. Can we please stop talking about Paleho now? He’s a twat. Also Fausto has an annoying voice. Love yaz!!! XXX

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