FOF #2318 – How to Get Rich off Bigotry and Discrimination

Apr 6, 2016 · 1985 views

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In Kansas, students will be awarded a whopping $2,500 bucks if they report a transgender person using the bathroom, which got our friend Jeffrey Jay thinking that he could “accidentally” get caught using the “wrong bathroom” and then split the reward money as soon as he gets out of prison.

Today we’re joined by the he-larious Jeffrey Jay to take a look at the outrageous nature of the new anti-trans bathroom bills.


  1. Haven’t listened to the show yet, but that article about gender pronouns for your pets was the stupidest shit have read in a long time. That woman is insane. I say this as someone who has owned cats my entire life. Your cat is not going to give a shit what gender you give it. They probably know if they are male or female, even after you neuter them, but they have no concept or understanding of gender neutrality, Jesus fucking Christ in a hand-basket what is wrong with some people. The part where she went on about whether or not she needed to tell the vet clinic the proper gender for her stupid cats was hilarious because she was 100% genuine about it. Reading the comments section was a riot though.

    • Jerry says:

      Totally agree. Pets could care less what gender we “assign” them. Our pets don’t need our mental bullshania twain.

    • Jerry says:

      I was in Sweden last year and many of the bathrooms were for BOTH genders. There were women, there were men, there were children, there were many individual stalls, and somehow no one got molested. Go figure.

  2. Nathan says:

    The Star Wars prequels destroyed several whole generations’ childhoods. The alien Indiana Jones sequel ruined some childhoods. It’s been done. Sequels can kill. Originals can kill. The live-action Flintstones you mentioned for example.

    That was priceless, Marc, when you called out Fausto on the terrible, unfunny ‘joke’. Honest moments are entertainment.

    The way JJ thinks about his life is the way I talk about this show. “My friends from Chicago and I were talking about that this week.”

  3. colaboy29 says:

    Yay! Jeffrey! Another guest I love every time you have them on!

  4. Anthony says:

    I appreciate all the hard work that goes into producing a daily podcast. But do you think you were exploiting Jay’s fondness of you and willingness to please by photographing him on the toilet? I think the FOF boundary pushing is the thing that made Lady Redd so judgemental of you and makes me occasionally cringe. For the most part FOF is thoughtful, but not every id-like impulse needs realization or every dumb joke spoken. Thanks guys

    • We definitely have a different sensibility than most people and we are very open to new ideas and of course, we love to push boundaries. I love Lady Red, but we did not get to where we are today by playing it safe.

      Do I think we took advantage of Jeffrey by placing him on the toilet? Hell no. Jeffrey is a nude model for art classes so there’s that, plus, we did this photoshoot to prove a point about all the stupid bathroom bills that are getting passed around the country. Sometimes you have to sit down to stand up for yourself.

      BTW, here’s a great new video that dispels all the bullshit around those bathroom bills.

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