FOF #2409 – How do You Pronounce Latinx?

Oct 26, 2016 · 1985 views

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ow we think about gender identity and sexuality is evolving and some people are having a hard time keeping up with all the new language surrounding these new concepts.

Our friend, Professor Larry La Fountain travels all over the world talking about LGBT people and Latin American culture and one of the most common questions he gets asked is: what is Latinx and how do you translate the word “queer” into Spanish?


  1. such a great show!

    i’ve always wondered, if colored person is offensive, why is the offense removed when one adds a preposition? The first time i heard the term people of color was in the mid 80’s. A jewish woman identified herself as such. i thought it was a weird term them and still do. i don’t think i have ever used the term.

    three words i have never used in english: latino/latina/latinx. I understand the conversation in spanish, but Latin is already gender neutral, what’s wrong with using the existing english word? i understand language evolves, but i don’t think replacing a word from another language when a word already exists is evolving in a positive direction. Plus you get silly constructs like “latina woman” (larry said this, along with the most famous PR after ricky martin, Sonya Sotomayor).

    i definitely fall into the conservative camp. i still use the original definitions of nonplussed and disinterested: instead of being disinterested (no opinion), i was nonplussed (shocked) to learn that after perusing (investigate deeply) the word decimate it means to destroy by 10%, not 100%. 😛

    at burning man i call the open desert the beach, everyone else calls it the playa. a friend asked me in no uncertain terms to stop calling it that. i asked him why, he said “cuz its not a beach!”. right. calling it a beach in another language doesn’t make it a beach. got it!

  2. ps… latinx, i would pronounce it lah-tin-eh-kiss

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