FOF #2891 – The Man Who Signed Metallica, Beat AIDS and Took a Bubble Bath with Nina Simone

Aug 25, 2020 · 1985 views

Michael Alago’s passion for music has touched the lives of many great musical legends: Nina Simone, Metallica, Cyndi Lauper and Tina Turner. Photo: Carol Friedman.

The club scene in New York City in the 80s was an incredible time for live music:
Punk, Pop, the second British Invasion, and Heavy Metal bands dominated a scene where people had plenty of free time and lots of great drugs to take it all in.

At the center of this incredible world was Michael Alago, a music superfan who became one of the biggest names in music, despite being a young queer Puerto Rican from Brooklyn.

Michael started out booking acts like Duran Duran, U2 and Tina Turner for her big comeback and then as the A&R guy for Electra Records signed Metallica and changed the world.

Don’t dream it, be it. Michael Alago (right) with Tim Curry and Meatloaf, was a fan of the Rocky Horror Show long before it was turned into a cult film by 20th Century Fox. Photo: Sunny Bak. 

In his new autobiography “I am Michael Alago” Michael takes us on a fabulous journey from sneaking out of his parents house at the age 16 to becoming one of the top A&R reps in music. Michael’s stories will have you hooked, from his role in shaping the music industry, to his personal struggles with drugs and alcohol, to fighting HIV and finding a second career as a photographer of hot muscular men.

Today Micahel Alago joins us to talk about his amazing book and amazing life, from signing some of the biggest names in music, to helping Nina Simone relaunch her career, to his relationship with Patti Smith and his wild nights sexing it up in New York City.

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