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Let’s Party Tonight!

Watch on a jumbo screen as Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion raid Amanda’s closest, try on some of her clothes, stalk her around town and then surprise her with a makeover in this reality TV […]

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Feast of Fools + What Not To Wear: Regulars of Popular Chicago Gay Podcast Appear on Reality TV Show

CHICAGO, IL- Amanda Steinstein of the “Feast of Fools” podcast may be the worst-dressed woman in the world to be documented in what is the gayest episode ever of TLC’s reality TV show “What Not […]

FOFA #632 – Candy Corn

Ah candy corn. This delicious but deadly candy confection connotes images of the fall in the United States, of childhood and our beloved neo-pagan holiday, Halloween. Thanks to a growing acceptance of weird things in […]

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FOFA #567 – Snickers Nixon

Have you ever played this game with your friends? Think of the name of your first pet you had when you were a kid and the street you lived on, combine those two and you […]

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Fun With FOF Week Continues

Wednesday, July 23 – Live Podcast Forum “Let’s Take a Glass Together” 6pm, Sidetrack. Please join the Feast of Fools as we record a live podcast forum on the LGBT community and alcohol at Sidetrack. […]

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FOF #798 – Big Secrets Revealed!

We can’t keep it in any longer. It’s time to release the pressure! Today we announce the juicy details of our upcoming reality tv show project and Amanda Steinstein is all over it. The producers […]

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FOFA #258 – Feifdom of Freakishness

One of the most loveable podcasters, Amanda Steinstein joins us today to talk about Domino’s Pizza founder Thomas S. Monaghan desire to build a ultraconservative town free of gays, pornography, drugs, and propbably non-catholics called […]

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FOF #696 – Let Me Hear You Say YEAH!

Back in the 2004 during the Superbowl’s halftime show, pop musician Janet Jackson’s awkward publicity stunt or “wardrobe malfunction” fueled a U.S. government crack down on broadcasting media, enticing talk shows and audiences to seek […]

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