Let’s Party Tonight!

Oct 17, 2008 · 1985 views

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Watch on a jumbo screen as Fausto Fern贸s and Marc Felion raid Amanda’s closest, try on some of her clothes, stalk her around town and then surprise her with a makeover in this reality TV […]


  1. Judi says:

    Hey guys… I’m confused. I got 2 notices about the What Not to Wear party tonight. One saying it’s at Hydrate, one from Amanda saying it’s at her place.

    So where is Amanda going to be?


  2. The party at Hydrate is for the fans of Feast of Fools. Fausto and I are also featured a bit in the show as the concerned friends as well as Sal-E and Tracy so we thought it would be fun to share it with fans of the show in a public viewing.

    Amanda is going to watch the show at home with close friends and family. We’re hoping she’ll stop over after the show airs.

  3. LeeDon says:

    OMG ! I went to college with Fausto back in the early 90’s at UT. And here you are on TV; on WTNW of all things. I remember what a FREAK you were. You were just experimenting with performance art then; you seemed so awkward and strange. Yes sweetie, you were the butt of many jokes. We wondered about your sexuality, and we could tell that you wondered about it as well. That’s about the time that softmen happened.

    I can’t believe what you’ve accomplished…bravo. I am pleased to see how you’ve turned out, and I am INSANELY jealous of your bf, MARC. What a f**kin hottie…damn (seriously…WTF) good job Fausto. You ever share?

    Best of luck boys…can’t wait to listen in on the feast.

  4. VJnet says:

    Just saw the best episode of What Not To Wear ever! You fools were awesome on it! Amanda is fabulous inside and now out 馃檪

  5. nester623 says:

    The show was the greatest. I loved it!!!!

  6. Jon-paul says:

    I just watched the show on TV. It was great to see Amanda’s transformation, especially for her to realize that she could bring her true self to the surface. She looked great! It was good to see how Marc and Fausto were so supportive of Amanda. It was great television.

  7. Michael says:

    Hey Boys – the viewing party was OFF THE HOOK!!! It was so great to watch it with so many listeners and fans, thanks for hosting a great event!!!!!! The drinks and the food were fabulous – I love Hydrate and Big Jones!!!!!!

  8. Curtis says:

    Watched the show last night and it was a great fun. Amanda looked fabulous and I hope she incorporates the lessons from the experience into her life. She’s beautiful and a small amount of effort pays off.

    I wanted more of Fausto and Marc, particularly evil Fausto, and hated that we only got flashing glimpses of Sal-e and I couldn’t even find Tracy in any shot. I know the producers have the crazy notion that it’s their show, and not the TV debut of the Feast of Fools, but still…I think they got more free promo for their show from your participation than most episodes get, they could have given a little back to the fans.

  9. ibox2000 says:

    I’ve never watched WNTW before and I doubt I’ll ever watch it again, but it was fun to see it with people I feel I almost know.

    What a makeover of both appearance and confidence! She looked at least a decade younger.

    I always suspected that Amanda plays up her Jewish voice on FoF. Now I know for sure. ‘Love ya either way.

    What’s next? A Trading Spaces episode wherein JoeJoe (sp?) decorates someone’s kitchen with a ‘boiling-skulls’ theme? Let us know the air-date.


  10. Kenny says:

    Oh, Amanda! You looked so beautiful. For almost 3 years now, I’ve enjoyed your wonderful wit and style on the Feast of Fools, and at the end of last night’s What Not to Wear, you had that fashion style and poise to go with your quirky and wonderful personality. I so wish I lived in Chicago so that I could have joined with the crowd cheering your transformation. Congratulations!

  11. GusGus says:

    I really loved the show!! I am not a big fan of “What Not to Wear,” but I must admit, I had a smile on my face throughout the whole show. Amanda is so witty and some of her comebacks where simply hilarious. She really looked beautiful. Fun show.

  12. that was such a fun party — Fausto and Marc really did a great job of organizing it complete with an appearance by Stacey and Clinton LOL LOL LOL — and Teri was sooo funny!!! and don’t forget Steamworks and Hydrate for making it happen and Big Jones for catering it!

    Curtis I was in a couple shots — you could see my shoulder to the right hand side of the screen once in a while. I was wearing a denim cropped jacket and a navy blue dress and I was taller then the others LOL LOL

  13. So I just finished watching the show. How Awesome! Amanda, you really had a wonderful makeover. It was great fun watching you go from being so resistant and SO difficult to so happy and pretty. I hope you keep up the new look, it’s much easier to see your inner light now that your outside is so shiny too! Congratulations!!!!
    PS. I missed the “show” voice.

  14. Boy did we have fun last night! Thank you to everyone who came and participated in the show and especially our sponsors who helped make it happen!

  15. Mark says:

    Last night’s party was totally fun! It was great to see everybody, I hope everyone liked the Big Jones fried chicken and other vittles. (victuals?) Teri Yaki was great and Tracy Tyler’s song was great too! Thanks to Hydrate and Steamworks. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for the lube wrestling at Hydrate. 馃檪

  16. WOW!!! What an awesome transformation. Amanda, you now look as great on the outside as your inner glow has shown us all these years. Hope you can make it out to the west coast again so we can all see in person the new you.

    Hugs from CA


  17. Joe P says:

    I enjoyed watching the show so much! What an amazing transformation, Amanda! Great to see the gorgeous inside come to the outside. You look fabulous!

    Also, congratulations on the nominations for best GLBT and Podcast of the Year Award! Cannot wait to start to vote!

    Joe from Cinci

  18. Voting begins Wednesday Midnight (Thursday Morning) Oct 23! I really think we can win the top prize this year, but that means having everyone voting every day. Last year they announced that the difference between the winner of the top category and the bottom was around 100 votes!

    To me, Feast of Fools is more than just a podcast, it’s a channel where we all come together and find each other. Lets take home the top prize!

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