FOF #696 – Let Me Hear You Say YEAH!

Feb 4, 2008 · 1985 views

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Back in the 2004 during the Superbowl’s halftime show, pop musician Janet Jackson’s awkward publicity stunt or “wardrobe malfunction” fueled a U.S. government crack down on broadcasting media, enticing talk shows and audiences to seek […]


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  2. merboy says:

    Paula Abdul has a very rare condition called RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy which affects the sympathetic nervous system and causes a constant and great deal of pain. My father also had it and it causes him to constantly wince as well not be able to walk properly, be practically deaf in one ear and not see properly out of one eye.

    I think she is a very brave lady for carrying on the way she does and when people think she is drunk what I see is her trying to get over the pain by moving around. If perhaps her medication causes her to act a bit funny I understand that too, considering the vast amounts of medication she probably has to take. I have nothing but admiration for battling a condition that causes most people who have it to get limbs amputated or contemplate suicide.

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    I always love Amanda. I too had a 2XL back in the day. In fact, I think it was the coolest toy I had. A robot I could interact with. Okay he was really just an 8 track player shaped like a robot but man he was cool.
    Glen and I always Tivo the Super Bowl and fast forwarded to all the commercials and the half time show. We haven’t even watched them yet but now it sounds like it isn’t worth it. Oh well.

  4. Jace says:

    Loved the show! It’s a shame you can’t really hear me, I guess I will need to call on a better connection!

    Haha, Marc sounds SO shocked when I said I was 17.

    well it was fun guys! I will see you next week!

  5. Just listened to the show, and it was as fabulous as always. I am so glad Jonathan said what I always thought, too: HP does also stand for Harry Potter!

    I wish I could call in some time but I think the time difference might make it really hard. And even though I know what Super Bowl is, I couldn’t have made any comments about it as it’s barely available over here. 🙂

  6. Teddy says:

    my favorite commercial was the E trade baby commercial

  7. That baby commercial was creepy. Do you want your financial planner vomiting while he talks? I do think it was trying to capitalize on the whole Web 1.0 dancing baby craze:

  8. Teddy says:

    a little creepy…maybe. but i laughed so hard. a little pee came out

  9. Teddy says:

    oh and who saw this one?

    anyone else offended? it seemed a bit ignorant

  10. I think ANY accents weather they be hispanic, asian, jamaican, british and so on are NOT racist in of themselves, it’s how they are used. This cheaply made commercial purposefully is trying to walk the line in offensiveness in order to get people to talk about their business. I thought it was not worth mentioning.

  11. [nObLe] says:

    sorry i missed the call in show and the superbowl i was at work but another great episode!!!

  12. PupDon says:

    Okay, about the jumper cables being used as nipple clamps. No, neither Buzz nor I have actually done this, believe it or not. But has our society suck so low that we need to have a “do not attempt at home” notice on a commercial like this? If someone tried it because they saw it done in a commercial, I’d say that’s natural selection at work. But you know someone would have sued. Ugh.

    I also am really tired of fat people dancing being viewed as funny. It’s like every Chris Farely movie. I’m sorry, the fact that you are fat does not make me laugh. Be funny and I’ll laugh. Dawn French is a brilliant British commedian who uses her size to her advantage. She is comfortable in her body and uses it to parody famous people. Seeing her dressed up as Amy Winehouse is funny because it takes the image of Amy Winehouse and puts it out of context. She never relies on the fact she is fat to be funny, she uses what she has to make something funny.

    Okay, I’m done ranting.

  13. Wow! Your fourth Superbowl Podcast? Congratuations are in order!

    I listened to this one while I did laundry after work.

    I like French & Saunders. Very funny.

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