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FOF #2923 – Fine Young Cannibals

We were all hoping that 2021 wouldn’t be as terribly twisted as 2020, but in the first week of the new year we got rumors that Kanye West is dating Jeffree Star, Azealia Banks boils her cat, Armie Hammer is into cannibalism, Gays over Covid, Trump’s second impeachment and Republicans invade the Capitol building to overthrow Democracy.

Today we’re back with a vengeance to take a look at the truly twisted, outrageous news that happened over the winter break

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FOF #2798 – Bruce Vilanch on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

One of the strangest shows ever broadcast on TV is the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. The musical variety show featuring a campy highway pile-up of the top stars of the day with Margaret Hamilton reprising her Wicked Witch from the Izard of Oz aired only once on ABC in 1976.

Today comedy writer Bruce Vilanch, best known for writing for the Oscars and for his appearance on Hollywood Squares joins us to talk about being a head writer for the Paul Lynde Halloween Special.

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Betty White Meets President Obama

How cute! Betty White dropped in for an unscheduled visit with President Barack Obama while in DC for a speaking engagement at the Smithsonian. The Golden Girls star recently tweeted her love for the President, […]

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FOF #1561 – Santorum, Sashay Away

Although Santorum oozed out of the Presidential race on his own terms, in a perfect world, Santorum would be on RuPual’s Drag Race and be forced to lip synch for his life only to hear the words “Santorum, Sashay Away.”

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FOF #1446 – I Joined the Peace Corps

During the height of the Cold War, Americans responded to the threat of communism in developing nations by forming the Peace Corps.

Today we are talking to Peace Corps volunteer Dave Massey about his extraordinary experience living in Africa and Asia for 4 years! Why did a young gay man enlist in the Peace Corps to teach English to people in developing countries.

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VIDEO: Betty White Can Do Anything, Is Still Hot

Betty White is featured in a remix of Luciana’s #1 club smash “I’m Still Hot.”

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FOF #1360 – Betty White vs. Lindsay Lohan, Everyone Wins

Recently Betty White spoke about the latest meltdowns of Hollywood brats Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen: “I cannot stand people who get wonderful starts in show business- and who abuse it.”

Lindsay’s fought back through Twitter, this could turn out to be be a diva death match!

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Betty White to Produce New Punk’d-Esque Show for Seniors

The last Golden Girl has a brassy sense of humor.  NBC is purchasing White’s new show, called “Off Their Rockers.”  The show will follow around a bunch of seniors who play pranks on the younger […]

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VIDEO: Betty White Makes Out With Koko the Gorilla

This video should be heartwarming and nice, but it’s in slow motion.  So, that slo-mo makes the kissing sequence look a lot more sensual than it should.  So, it’s a belly laugh kinda video, not […]

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VIDEO: I’m Wishing You a “Betty White” Christmas

A fun paradoy with a great drag queen group… I like the skinny geekie one the best.

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