FOF #1360 – Betty White vs. Lindsay Lohan, Everyone Wins

Apr 12, 2011 · 1985 views

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Recently Betty White spoke about the latest meltdowns of Hollywood brats Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen: “I cannot stand people who get wonderful starts in show business- and who abuse it.”

Lindsay’s fought back through Twitter, this could turn out to be be a diva death match!


  1. Here’s the episode of the Simpsons I was talking about, inspired by the pranks of Nöel Godin, the real Pie Man:

  2. mododavid says:

    Why does Lindsey seem to have more wrinkles than Betty in that pic?

  3. Dag says:

    Hi Fausto and Marc, iLuv Luv Luv Betty White!! great show! huggz

  4. Barrett says:

    Isn’t what Austin James recommending illegal? If you have to disclose blog marketing efforts, wouldn’t it follow under that? What a scumbag. And what a way to waste your life. And who brags about not reading? Jesus…

    Also, I thought of this photo when you all were talking about the Soviet space program. There’s a whole series of them liquoring up a pig, stuffing it into a rocket, and firing it out in a cannon. It’s hilarious.


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