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You’ve Gotta Taste All The Fruit

Can I just say how much I love this song medley with the legendary Mae West? Check out this clip from the jaw-dropping 1970s movie bomb “Myra Breckenridge” starring Raquel Welch as a vengeful post-op […]

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Truly Awful for the Holidays!

Truly awful but in a funny way. Do not show this to your mother or it will make her cry. It’s the fabulous Jackie Beat singing her scandalous parody of Santa Baby in a video […]

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Eartha Kitt, “I Love Men”

Last night, the mind-boggling Eartha Kitt wowed ’em at Puffy‘s party and even treated curbside onlookers to a few bars of this insightful, Dietrich-esque camp classic. And that ain’t all: After the jump, intense young […]

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Get this party started, honey

Shirley Bassey, better known as the campy voice behind such hits as the “Theme from Goldfinger” and “History Repeating” has recently put out her own 70-year-old spin on Pink’s hit song “Get This Party Started.” […]

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The Carpenters, “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft”

The favorite video of Anne “Celestia” Heche? The world’s going to hell—but maybe if we all wish really hard at the same time for an alien invasion, it’ll be ok! That’s the message of this […]

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Lauren Bacall as Margo Channing in a Gay Bar

Mrs. Bogart croaks her way through this forceful number from “Applause,” the 1970 musical adaptation of “All About Eve.” In this scene, stage legend Margo Channing (Bacall) follows her assistant down to Greenwich Village, with […]

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Petula Clark, “A Sign of the Times”

It turns out that 60s chanteuse Petula Clark, whose mega-hit, “Downtown,” is assuredly playing on an oldies station somewhere right this minute, has at least one other song to her credit. (In fact, according to […]

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Amanda Lear, Follow Me

In this sin-sational song, from the concept album “Sweet Revenge,” the gorgeous, fascinating, and slightly ridiculous Amanda Lear wants to entice you into a life of soulless glamour. “Follow Me” is just the beginning of […]

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Liza Minnelli, Copacabana on the Muppet Show

Who could ask for more? A: You, after you saw Debbie Harry on the Muppet Show. So here it is! Liza gamely jumps into the role of Lola, the ill-starred love-struck showstopper at the Copacabana, […]

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Happy Birthday George Takei

Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu hits the big 7-0 today, and he’s ready for his spankings! It must suck to share your birthday with Hitler, though. Check out our interview with the out and proud actor.

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