You’ve Gotta Taste All The Fruit

Feb 8, 2008 · 1985 views

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Can I just say how much I love this song medley with the legendary Mae West? Check out this clip from the jaw-dropping 1970s movie bomb “Myra Breckenridge” starring Raquel Welch as a vengeful post-op […]


  1. Lieber47 says:

    That was pretty awesome. That ending move was… indescribable.

  2. wow that is the most bizarre thing I\’ve ever seen. I didn\’t know that Mae West did any movies in the 70s— I always remembered Mae West from her campy roles in cheesy movies in the 40s but when I was in college I did some research on gay plays and learned that Mae West actually was a stage actress and producer in the early 1920s. And not just any old broadway producer, she was a pioneer for gay rights and more importantly gay plays. She is thought to have produced the first gay themed play in modern history called \”The Drag\”. She was even arrested for public obscenity because of the plays she produced. Her obsession with female impersonators and long time friendship with Bert Savoy, who was a female impersonator in her era, made people start thinking that she herself was a transexual. She even had special shoes made for herself to make her 7 feet tall to keep people guessing. If there\’s anyone in history that I would love to go back in time and meet it would be her. She is so fascinating. She was the controversial \”Madonna from the 80s\” of her time LOL —

    On a side note It\’s funny how pop culture was so obsessed with transexuals in the 70s. I remember an episode of \”The Love Boat\” where an ex high school football player was reunited with his football team mate only to find out that he has had a sex change. I seem to recall that the TG character was played by Machenzie Phillips of the \”One Day at a Time\” fame. Does anyone remember that episode???


  3. Shaunessy says:

    Oh my gosh, Tracy, yes I DO remember that episode. Macenzie’s character had been Gopher’s roommate in college and when she boarded the ship, he knew he recognized her from somewhere, but she avoided him and didn’t admit to who she was. Finally he realized she resembled his former roommate Ray, and told her she must be Ray’s sister. Then she admits the truth, that she’d had a sex change and changed her name from Ray to Rachael. I remember someone else on the crew–Julie?–sympathizing, saying Ray/Rachael must have gone through a really hard time.

    The really amazing thing is that I’ve had the theme song from One Day at a Time running through my head for the last two days. What a coincidence. That’s why I had to write this.


  4. Jace says:

    AH. I loveee Myra Breckenridge

  5. wow!!!! I can\’t believe that you can remember that story line so well!!! LOL That was the first time as a child that I ever heard of such a thing as getting a sex change. WOW — I wonder if you can buy that eppisode somewhere — thanks Shaunessy !!!!!


  6. Curt says:

    And that’s a very young Farrah Fawcett at the table as well.

  7. That was a pretty quick costume change. Ah, the magic of the movies!

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