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JLo Makes Sue Her Wardrobe Is Drag Queen Safe

JENNIFER LOPEZ considers the drag queens who mimic her when picking out outfits – because she wants to make sure they look good. –Read More

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Japanese Mature Drag Queen Wants to Play

A friend just send me this odd video of a mature Japanese drag queen. She is looking for someone to play with and apparently likes gardening and reading the Koran.

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Nina Queer, the Crazy Drag Queen From Berlin

Nina Queer is currently one of the best-known drag queens in Germany. She is a singer, dj, entertainer and bar owner. She also appeared on various TV shows and is writing various columns, including for […]

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FOF #1165 – Don’t Cry for Pandora Boxx

People are outraged that one of their favorite drag queens, the hilarious Pandora Boxx was booted from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Listen as Michael Steck, the man who is Pandora Boxx, takes us under the hood of this season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race and shares with us his wild ride on the reality tv show.

Will she hug the hateful judge Santino Rice at the reunion show or will she read him and refuse his affection like Shannel did last year? Plus, questions from you!

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FOF #1160 – Christeene’s Ugly is the New Beautiful

Christeene is exploding across the South in a hot mix of raw sexual shamlessness and original rap music. Today we’re continuing our shows from Austin, Texas with the man behind the mad woman, musician Paul Soileau.

Plus: A prankster overtakes WallMart’s intercom, Indonesia’s soil snack food, and Prinny the little cat from Australia that learned how to swim.

VIDEO: The Japanese Susan Boyle is Actually a Man in Drag

Not sure if this is from a comedy show in Japan or their odd attempt to tie into the viral success of Susan Boyle. Check out this unusual X-Factor recreation of Susan Boyle’s landmark moment […]

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FOF #1142 – Teri Yaki’s Sweet and Spicy Taste

Teri Yaki is one of Chicago’s most popular and outrageous drag queens. Listen she tells us about her scandalous past and what it takes to get get kicked out of a club.

Plus: Is Don’t Ask Don’t Tell finally over? Google’s new Buzz aims to kill Facebook, NYC drag queens reality TV show, lap dances for relief-for Haiti, and a Chinese Woman that will do anything to look Like Jessica Alba.

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VIDEO: Hedda Lettuce Can’t Move Her Botox Face

Check out the hilarious Hedda Lettuce parody video of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Hedda, Lady Bunny and a ton of other fabulous queens will be starring in a new reality TV show, “The Queens of […]

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FOF #1132 – When Bears Have Babies

It’s a big day for trans folks as the International Olympic Committee decided to allow for nuance with sexually ambiguous athletes, trans man Scott Moore announces he’s pregnant and blind Texas drag queen Alexis Nicole Whitney puts on quite a show.

Hot news: Apple’s new tablet computer may change publishing, Prop 8 trial continues, Pope tells priests to blog and our review of the touring production of Dreamgirls.

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