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FOF #2140 – Stupid Sexy Aaron Schock

As the end of Downton Abbey approaches, it’s appropriate that we’re also seeing the end of the political career of one of its biggest fans, Aaron Schock.

Once a rising star in the Republican Party, the former Men’s Health model was under investigation for his spending habits, facing serious charges that would land him in prison.

Instead he smartly chose to resign, and find more interesting places from which to Instagram.

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PHOTO: Illinois Marriage Equality Kiss

As hundreds of folks gathered on the UIC Forum pavillion to watch Gov. Quinn sign the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, photographer Chris Golden took this awesome pic of me and Marc Felion […]

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PHOTOS: Illinois Marriage Equality Now rally #IL4M

We froze our butts in the cold rain rallying for marriage equality in Illinois, a Democratic run state government! Despite the terrible weather, warm hearts lit up the political rally.

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UPDATE: Defeat for Anti-Gay Bill SB1123

Update: the bill was defeated in committee.

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Civil Unions Signed Into Law

It was a joy to witness the signing of the Civil Union Bill in Illinois! I took to this picture with my phone but we have more pics and videos coming soon!

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Why Straight People May Opt for a Civil Union

The Tribune has a report on why some straight couples may opt for a civil union instead of a traditional marriage. Here’s some of the highlights of the legislation- • Seniors with survivor’s benefits from […]

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VIDEO: The Awkwardness of CIvil Unions

The term Civil Union does sound a bit awkward, but doesn’t a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Here in Illinois, they just passed Civil Unions and while you don’t get the federal […]

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Civil Union Legislation Passes IL Senate and Now Awaits Governor Quinn’s Signature

Landmark civil unions legislation, giving committed long-term partners important legal protections afforded to other Illinois families, has cleared another hurdle as the Illinois Senate voted Wednesday to pass the bill.

The measure now awaits signature from Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who has promised to sign it into law.

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‘Glee’ Inspired Campaign Ad

With only a few weeks left before election day, we’ve all been bombarded by campaign advertisements. This year’s theme:  attack the other guy with fervor, your own ideas are secondary. Pat Quinn, incumbent gubernatorial candidate […]

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VIDEO: Vote Naked Illinois

I’m surprised how many of these nudies I know.

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