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FOF #2028 – Trannika Rex Works the Street Festival

Market Days, the Midwest’s largest street festival, is just days away and it’s estimated that over 350,000 thousand people will be in attendance.

Unlike the unwieldy mob of drunk people at the Pride Parade, Market Days is a heck of a lot of fun, with a lot of free entertainment like Belinda Carlisle.

Joining us is Trannika Rex, our twisted sister from another mister to kiki about Chicago drag queens and the vintage musical acts booked for the festival.

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FOF #1994 – Lady Bunny is a Carnival of Fun

Lady Bunny is back with “Clowns Syndrome,” a brand new show full of the raunchy humor that’s made Bunny an entertainment institution for three decades. And by that I mean she’s really old and belongs in an institution.

Listen as the phenomenal Lady Bunny joins us to talk about the clash between younger and older generations and performers and audiences over the use of controversial words. You don’t want to miss every delicious minute of this podcast!

Ask Lady Bunny Anything!

Ask Lady Bunny anything! Remember, the best questions will be used on the show, so don’t fuck it up.

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FOF #1830 – Lady Bunny is on Top of the World

Always opinionated and outrageous– everybody loves the she-larious Lady Bunny for creating Wigstock, her raunchy parody song videos and her unabashed celebrity roasts.

Today the queen of obscene, Lady Bunny, joins us to talk about her favorite types of music, why drag queens steal her material and RuPaul’s “prairie drag look” she wears at her soulmate George’s ranch in Wyoming.

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FOF #1812 – My Heart Belongs to Daddy

The image of a strong older man has long been a sex symbol. But now more than ever it seems young men and women are looking to daddy types for dating and hooking up.

Today, on Father’s Day we’re taking a look at popularity of mature men, father figures we’d all like to have hold us in their big strong arms. Also, grooming your beard and getting in shape with the Henry Cavil Superman workout.

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VIDEO: Lady Bunny Roasts the New Pope

Just in time for Easter, Lady Bunny serves up her twisted humor, Vatican style as she roasts the new Pope Francis I. Can I get an amen up in here?

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FOF #1751 – Crank Calling with Sharon Needles

Now that Sharon Needles is a big star she’s got everyone’s number in her address book so we decided to have a little fun and crank call two legendary gals, Lady Bunny and Jayne County.

Listen as we get Lady Bunny to throw some serious shade Jackie Beat’s way and Jayne County finally addresses how she feels about her life story being co-opted into Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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VIDEO: Lady Bunny Wants to Have a Kai Kai

Sisters are doing it for themselves. The reliably raunchy Lady Bunny is back with a new video “Let’s Have a Kai Kai” an original song that explores her desire to have a three way with her drag sisters Bianca Del Rio and Sugga Pie Koko.

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VIDEO: Damiana on the GLAAD Awards Red Carpet With Chaz Bono, Lady Bunny, Raven, Madison Hildebrand and More

At the 2012 GLAAD Awards,  lady reporter Damiana Garcia got to chat with the fabulous wowlebrities who walked the red carpet. Here she is with Chaz Bono (winner of the Stephen F. Kolzak award that […]

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FOF #1470 – Lady Bunny Ain’t No Lady

Our favorite illiterate, raunchy, demented drag diva of Wigstock fame, Lady Bunny, is back with a one wo-man show “That Ain’t No Lady,” jam packed with some of her funniest bits from the past decade including her tacky tribute to Amy Winehouse plus all the behind the scenes dirt from RuPaul’s Drag U.

Join us as we talk with Lady Bunny about wigs, costumes, drag queen brawls and Occupy Wall Street.