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Miss Fat Gay Venezuela

I have to hand it to these Venezuelan drag queens that they just come out and use the word “fat” instead of euphemisms like “plus.” The link has a great video and article about being […]

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FOF #986 – What’s Your Mamma Gonna Do For Work Now?

In response to the murder of an erotic masseuse who advertised on Craigslist, the classified ad site announced plans to eliminate its “erotic services category” and screen all submissions before they are posted. So what’s […]

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FOF #865 – A Taste of Candi

Get ready for some fierceness as we have the delicious Candi Stratton on today’s show! Chicago’s own Candi Stratton practically went overnight from being a well known drag queen to an airline flight attendant after […]

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FOF #763 – After School Special

Ever wonder what Amanda Steinstein was like in high school? Pretty much the way she was today. Surprise surprise! Join us for a very special Feast of Fools as Amanda is reunited twenty years later […]

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FOF #749 – Do Crazy Women Wear Tiaras?

Only crazy people, beauty pageant winners, drag queens and royalty wear tiaras- when it comes to the folks of the Windy City Empire, you can check “all the above.” It’s always such a nutty delight […]

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FOF #717 – A Stunning Woman

Brace yourself, you’re about to get a stunning! Calpernia Addams, the Peabody Prize winning writer, actress and activist, best known on the Feast of Fools for her single “Stunning” joins us today to talk about […]

FOF #711 – Oscarcast 2008

I have Oscar Fever! Literally, because I drank too much cheap champagne last night. Owww. Despite torrential downpours, the writers strike and the threat of the Westboro Baptist Church picketing, the “Superbowl for Gays,” the […]

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FOF #707 – Transadmiration

Tracy is a popular gal with all the trannie chasing, straight identified men. Who can blame them? Tracy has it all, a lovely outgoing personality, a head on her shoulders and a voluptuous body that […]

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