FOF #711 – Oscarcast 2008

Feb 25, 2008 · 1985 views

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I have Oscar Fever! Literally, because I drank too much cheap champagne last night. Owww. Despite torrential downpours, the writers strike and the threat of the Westboro Baptist Church picketing, the “Superbowl for Gays,” the […]


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    Feast of Fools made last night’s Oscars even more exciting. It was so awesome being able to see and hear you guys during the show and interact with everybody. And speaking of awesome, I’d like to say once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Amanda. She totally rocks. Happy 40th! I’ll be joining you soon.
    The funniest thing Jon Stewart said last night was the bit about the only time you see a black president or a woman president in a movie is usually when there is an asteroid headed straight for earth.
    And Tracy, dammit you are beautiful but keep away from toxic glow sticks please.

  2. It was fun to be able to watch you how you actually make the show.

    Also enjoyed the chat during the Oscar awards. After some time the chat became the main event and I just turned off the sound of my TV. The highlight was Marc`s cake sitting ! 🙂
    I think the 80th Oscar show was pretty boring and lame. All the newspapers here also referred to it as “uninspired” , “pointlessly” and “demure”. Even there was a writer strike, they could have been more creative.

    However it was fun to watch, listen and chat with all of you yesterday. Luckily I had a good afternoon sleep, so I was not too tired today in the morning after i stayed up all night.

  3. Kaleb says:

    I’m sad that I had to leave so early … stupid homework.

  4. Geostud says:

    I had fun chatting with you all last night! The Oscars were overall pretty lame this year but the FoF made it fun. Tracy, you have a calling for a one woman Sweeney Todd show, loved your performance!! And Marc, the wait to see you sit on a cake was well worth it…delicious! I really hope Amanda had a fantastic birthday, she’s really an incredible woman; I especially enjoyed chatting with her.


  5. ColJH says:


  6. RcktMan says:

    I’m sorry I missed all of Amanda’s birthday celebrations this year. But I’m glad I heard this show! The Oscars were, for the most part, a snooze fest. I was at my own party and had fun, but I certainly would have loved to have witnessed Marc’s cake sitting debut. Can’t wait for the video! Happy Birthday, Amanda!!!!

    And Tracy, that one-woman Sweeney Todd HAS to happen. You switch between a believable soprano to a believable bass/baritone so effortlessly that you could do it and no one would EVER know. That’s talent!!!!

    Loved the show, everyone!

  7. kennidi says:

    Well, The show was cute…but I totally felt that the Oscars this year was totally boring! THANK GOD, I had a great party of crazy Trannys…who entertained me! The chatroom was cute, but I couldnt be at the comp, I had to entertain! OK, Laura Liney- Was in the the Tales Of The City movies and was in the movie Kinsey, which I am pretty sure she was nominated for. Tracy’s Sweeney Todd’s One Woman show, was what made it wonderful! FUN FUN SHOW!

    Hugs and much Love,

  8. Jonas says:

    I didn’t get the chance to watch the Oscars, but Tracy doing songs from one of my favorite movies made up for it all. She is more goofy than me, and that says a lot! Please, get her to do the songs on the show at least once (from Sweeney Todd), and if I may suggest; “Green Finch and Linnett Bird.” ;D

  9. Thanks Guys another fun and exciting podcast.. But one Question…… What happened to Tracey? Did you guys press her mute button Half way through the show? 🙂 Tracey’s one woman “Sweeney Todd”…. FABU!!!!

  10. Marc and Fausto,

    Maybe Ryan Seacrest Wanted to get in on this was upset that he couldn’t??

  11. I literally burst into laughter at work listening to Tracy’s one-woman Sweeny Todd. Everyone looked at me like, “you freak.” Oh well, it was totally worth it.

  12. HAPPY B-DAY Ms. Amanda!!! You are so great!

  13. Jonas says:

    Fructose Cornsyrup: Me too. I was at the school gym and had to drop the weights and lay on the floor laughing… Can’t get enough of that Tracy.

  14. Thanks to Marc and Fausto, my birthday weekend ended with a bang. And thanks to all of you for the happy birthday wishes…they all came true!

    I also loved chatting with everyone…I think next year we should just chat through the whole Oscar show, then record our show after.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for stuff on TV we could all chat through?


  15. Geostud says:

    Amanda, I suggested chatting for the project runway season finale next week. I think most feast of foolers are obsessed with the show and christian siriano in general…

  16. reid says:

    the oscars were so bad this year.they can put you to sleep.they should hire Marc,Fausto,and Tracy to run the show next year on national tv and then it would be a fun show to watch:)Keep up the great work guys.

  17. Glad it wasn’t just me, Jonas! And Amanda–I love you. I’m glad you had a great birthday! 🙂

  18. George says:

    Leave Tilda alone. Her speech was awesome. Marion Cotilliard speech was very good as well.

  19. Boston Bill — I had to leave the show prematurely to be taken to the hospital for toxic shock due to the dollar store glow sticks that burst open in the middle of the show. But the show MUST GO ON! Right??? Marc , Fausto and Amanda being the professionals they are kept rolling while the ambulance came and carried me off.

    I’m alive today to preach to the world the dangers of those nasty club toys called glow sticks —

    —- SMOOCH


  20. Damn! That picture above is so hot. When will Tracy get a guest profile on the about us link? She has dived into my heart.

    Happy Birthday Amanda. I was in the gym last week and I heard your ring tone. I thought it was my phone but it was the phone of a guy working out next to me. I asked him where he got it, and he said his wife got it from someone. So like I said, the voice of Amanda continues to spread!

  21. Tallguynb says:

    I had a great time with the oscars chat, I really hope you guys have more nights like that, it was a blast!

  22. Rick says:

    I have to agree that this was the most boring Oscar telecast ever. It was also the least watched show ever. I love “The Daily Show’ but Jon Stewart was just so boring here. I joined the chat but was distracted and unable to stay. Great idea and I hope there are more scheduled chats.

  23. Xavi says:

    So disappointed in everyone today…Laura Linney will forever be Mary Ann Singleton to me (Tales of the City on PBS). How could you not know that?!

    The fact that this was the most boring Oscar ever made it the best…how can reading a list of winners and losers be entertaining? It was boring but beautiful. The acceptance speeches did not have to compete with a slickly produced program. Tilda’s, Javier’s, Marion’s, and the short film winners’ (especially when Jon went off script and brought back the woman who was cut off) acceptance speeches were inspiring and humbling.

  24. Tracy definitely needs to self-produce a one woman musical! That would be a total smash hit. Open it in Chicago, then bring it to SF! Stunning… Stunning… Stunning…

    Also, I agree with George that we need to leave Tilda alone. She’s actually a wonderful freak who’s career has been incredibly queer and interesting. From Orlando and beyond. She was brilliant in Michael Clayton.

    I love that she looked so andro and weird at the awards. The celebrities today are so totally boring. They all have L.A. stylists that are all into the same “safe” look. It’s BORING. Bring back Cher in a Bob Mackie gown! Let the actors express themselves. An awful outfit is way more fun than a safe one. No makeup? Now that’s daring. I’d never even dare. Go Tilda!

  25. YES!!! Peaches — I completely agree now that you put it that way — I give her credit for not doing what is “normal” — and YES YES YES bring back Cher in Bob Mackie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but one thing that I do have to say — I wouldn’t be caught dead at the oscars without my paint on girl !!!! bo kay?????


  26. Aw, I missed the live video. That would have been TONS off fun to catch. Happy birthday Amanda!

  27. Ben says:

    Amanda I totally got that spatula city UHF reference.

    Anyone who hasent watched UHF just try to keep this jingle out of your head, you will be singing this for days.

  28. Curtis says:

    Not through the whole show yet, but had to comment. You guys need to see more movies. Not knowing who Laura Linney is!? Slaughtering Jennifer GARNER’s name. Dissing on a brilliant risk taking left of center actress like Tilda Swinton who has contributed to Queer cinema and plays by her own rules rather than giving into the homogenized ideas of beauty and glamor. She’s got a reputation for favoring the avant-garde in fashion and in her career. Also reducing her to just an actress who plays witches… For shame for shame. She’s an oddball – aren’t all of us? She’s closer to being like us than any of the glamazons.

    I think it’s refreshing to see people awarded for great performances and not worrying about what country people are from. After all the Oscars are not the awards for best achievement in American film making.

    Tracy, that Sweeney Todd was fucking brilliant and you should really pursue the idea. I think it would make a great act or one woman show.

    The opening montage I felt was about the fact that it was the 80th year. That was a running theme with all of them, acknowledging and celebrating the 80 year history of the awards. Jon Stewart knows himself as a performer and knows that he is not a song and dance man and should not attempt to do a cheap imitation of Billy Crystal. Yes Billy will likely be widely regarded as the best host in Oscar history , but I thought Stewart was quite good, moved the show along very efficiently and most of his jokes worked (everyone misses now and again).

  29. Curtis says:

    You guys didn’t commnet on the two overtly Queer moments. The winning documentary short “Freeheld” about a lesbian couple fighting for spousal benefits. From the winners acceptance speech: “It was Lieutenant Laurel Hester’s dying wish that her fight for, against discrimination would make a difference for all the same sex couples across the country that face discrimination every day. Discrimination that I don’t face as a married woman”.

    And then Scott Rudin won the Oscar for Best Film (he’s the producer of No Country for Old Men) and thanked his lover, “This is also for my partner John Barlow. Without you, honey, this would be hardware. Thank you so much. Thank you.”

  30. Curtis says:

    one last comment: Blood donations….Are you aware that blood donations are not allowed by any male who has had sex with another male since the mid 1970’s, and anti-Gay policy that isn’t justifiable given the currently available screening of blood and the fact that homosexuality does not equal defacto infection. I would imagine this would likely exclude 90%+ of your male audience. I know that this didn’t occur to Amanda. Perhaps she could suggest a charitable gesture that we can all make on her behave to honor her birthday that doesn’t exclude many of us.

  31. I’m not sure but I don’t think that our intention for the podcast was to “report” on the oscars…. furthermore I don’t think that any of us saw every movie that was nominated. We were just a group of people from the GLBT community chatting online and on air about the Oscars as they were happening. Besides I pretty much just like to see what they are wearing and thier hair and makeup , I could care less about who’s who in hollywood. —-I know … whacky right??? Oh well

  32. Curtis says:

    Tracy , I hope I didn’t come off as being overly critical, that wasn’t my intention. It was a great show – and I missed your energy in the last segment.

    It’s funny because for me the Oscars are like THE Gayest annual television event and it’s precisely because (at the risk of gross stereotyping) LGBT folks seem to be clued into Hollywood, entertainment, interesting film, can understand it as art, and know the more obscure and talented and edgy people and films going on in Hollywood. The fashion and the makeup and the hair and being bitchy about it is a very big part of it for me, but I also respect the talents of these people, the enormous creativity it takes to produce the films being honored. Also I hoped to hear the FOF perspective on the “Queer” moments on the show – after all this is where I turn for a Queer perspective, I can’t get it from CNN or Entertainment Tonight.

    I’m also a major film nut, I go to 2-3 movies a week and watch 2 or 3 more on DVD or cable each week. I saw every nominated film except “I’ll be There”, the foreign nominees (which have not been released in SF) and the shorts (animated, live action and documentary). I just have a head full of trivia and useless information about film.

  33. Curtis…How can you possibly think that “didn’t occur” to me?? What kind of rock do you think I live under?

    I’ve stated many times (on this site and on the show) that the reason I donate is BECAUSE of the policy…I donate because so many of my friends can’t, so I do it in their honor.

    If you read the “Happy Birthday” thread, you’ll see that the policy against gays donating is only at Red Cross and Lifesource. I talked to at least two gay guys who have no trouble donating at local hospitals.

    I have this discussion with the phlebotomists almost every time I donate…they’re all VERY aware that the highest incidence of new HIV cases is among black women. And most of the people working at Lifesource ARE black women, and they agree it would be REALLY hard to enforce that, whereas gays seem to just sit back and take it.

    When you donate, they ask the same 30 or so questions every time, so I’d have to be a fucking moron not to know that they exclude any man who has had sex with another man. For the record, they also exclude women who have had sex with a man who has had sex with another man, men and women who have accepted or given money for sex, IV drug users, anyone who has had sex with an IV drug user, anyone who has spent any time in England in the past five years, anyone who has spent any time in jail in the past five years, and anyone whose gotten a tattoo in the last year.

    They even have a system for pos people who feel pressured to donate, perhaps because of a blood drive at work. You tell the person taking the blood that you don’t want your blood used for medical purposes, and they will put a little barcode sticker on your bag. No one around you can read it.

    Please don’t make assumptions about what “doesn’t occur” to other people.

  34. Curtis, for the THIRD year in a row we missed the best film moment. It seems we always forget to Tivo the show after it so we didn’t see it. Please next year someone remind us to record it.

  35. AZ1577 says:

    Wow! Tilda really does look like CarrotTop recovering from third degree burns; doesn’t she?

  36. Like the others I couldn’t believe you didn’t know Laura Linney. How could you not know Mary Ann Singleton! Are you sure you’re gay?!

    I first noticed John Travolta’s weave about 5 years ago. He turned up at a premier in London with the cropped do, then 3 days later appeared on a chat show with the long do. In fact, if you pull out that photo of him kissing the guy from a few years back, you’ll notice he’s not wearing any wig at all.
    Despite the cropped wig looking awful part of me thinks ‘good for him’. Having lost lots of hair through illness I’d go for that option too if I could afford it! Maybe.

    Re Ryan Seacrest: I was interested to hear Nathan Lane’s joke on ‘The View’ about actor Gary Busey gatecrashing a red carpet interview with Jennifer Garner. He said, ‘He was really trying to get Ryan Seacrest’s attention – which is easy, you just slip him your phone number!’

    And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET AMANDA! Had I known I’d have sent you a Dalek related gift. Just as well I didn’t know then!

  37. Oh! And Tilda Swinton lives in the remote Highlands of Scotland so fashion’s probably the last thing on her mind, even though it is the Oscars.

  38. PureeTofu says:

    Man, I wish there was a way to rebroadcast this episode as a video podcast.

    Also, Fausto, I heart silence of the lambs!

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