FOF #712 – Your Gay Doctor

Feb 26, 2008 · 1985 views

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Gay men are living longer than ever and we need to make sure we continue to keep the healthy bodies we’ve enjoyed in our younger years. After all, life doesn’t end at forty. On today’s […]


  1. Rick says:

    Dr. Spinelli was my partner’s doctor for a short period of time in 2006. I was introduced to him briefly at the clinic he was working at. Let’s just say that my partner changed doctors and is much happier now.

  2. Dr. Spinelli can rest asured that his salt-and-pepper hair is extremely sexy! I’ve always liked that look.

  3. Gary T says:

    “Love Song” is by Sara Bareilles.

    I think The Dr. and Anderson Cooper would make a hot couple, and they are both in NYC. Love the salt & pepper!!!

  4. Great informative show!! I can never have a male Dr. Tried it and was way to HARD!!!!!! 😉 Literally!!!

  5. Thanks Feast of Fools for having me on your show. It was so nice of you to let me talk about the Advocate Guide to Gay Men’s Health and Wellness. We need more shows like yours and even more gay health books to keep us informed. Knowledge is power. Thank you to all the listeners for their comments. Here’s to good sex and a healthy future….love Dr. Frank

  6. Superboy says:

    Those eyes… sigh. Love you Dr. Frank! You guys had such great chemistry today.

    Went to Amazon and got the book.

  7. Wow, great show! Dr. Frank sounds like he’d be really easy to talk to. Wish he was in San Antonio!

  8. Henry says:

    Hmmm, Why do i have the image of a huge singing plant screaming “Feed Me Seymore, Feed Me.”?

    Great show today! Dr. Frank was a delightful guest. Fun and informative, you did it once again!
    Thank you for making my day more entertaining and getting it started off in the right direction.

  9. nst101 says:

    Hey guys, thanks for helping me have a great afternoon! I just got an iPod touch over the weekend because my old iPod nano died. On the touch, when you play podcasts, the picture associated with the podcast is shown, so I got to see Dr. Frank’s cute picture all afternoon as well as hearing you all.

    I also wanted to thank Dr. Frank for the great show and book. When I moved to Des Moines (IA) a few months ago, I looked for a gay or gay friendly doctor, but unfortunately, there were none that I could find on the internet (yeah, Iowa sucks). I would really like to come out to my doctor, but don’t really know how… I’d like to get tested for everything even though I’ve only been with one guy (my current partner) and we’ve been together for five years. Any tips on how to bring up the topic?

    Again, thanks guys and Dr. Frank! Look forward to another great show.

  10. Fausto: “What happens after we die?”

    Frank Spinelli, MD: “I fill out your death certificate.” (in my dreams!)

    Given the pace of medical advances, it would be awesome to have a standing dialogue with the “doctor in the house” perhaps on an annual or semi-annual basis. God only knows the change that could be created.

    Also, for those in search of a gay physician through a quick search engine, I want to plug the gay and lesbian medical association which is an awesome resource:

  11. all i can say is i wish Dr. Spinelli was my doctor… o_o oooh that’s a fine man right there.

    good show! very informative.

  12. I thought Dr. Frank had such an attractive voice, didn’t you guys think so?

  13. Great show. Well thought out questions and a great interview. You guys hit gold every time. I’m definitely buying the book. Kudos to the Dr, as well. He makes me wish I lived in New York.

  14. RcktMan says:

    Fausto I was JUST about to comment that as gorgeous as Dr. Frank is physically, I was so entranced by his VOICE! Sexy sexy SEXY! 🙂 And he has the most adorable laugh! Sigh. I’m glad and sad he’s not my doctor… glad cuz I’m not sure I’d be able to control myself… 😉 and sad because, well, he’s not. 🙂

    Scuse me, I need to look at his picture and listen to the show… again… sigh.

  15. RcktMan says:

    OK now for the comment with substance–

    Once again, thank you for providing topics about sexuality and health that don’t preach, but do lay it on the line in a very REAL format. Frank talk like this is sadly and sorely missing in today’s culture, and it’s important to continue to have these dialogues. Guests like Dr. Frank and Jim Pickett have elevated the Feast of Fools above being “just” a comedy show, but also a show that really and truly cares about its audience. Thank you for that.

  16. SAL-E says:

    Oh my gosh, I know who I want for a Doctor now!
    I am ready to bend over, cough, what ever!
    Love ya

  17. bradley says:

    i think i may suddenly need some medical attention.

  18. MoocherX says:

    *melts* *melts again* *imagines Doc saying “just relax, you’ll only feel a little prick”*

    Had to laugh at the comment about being the gay Sanjay Gupta, following a few things I’ve heard about the CNN hottie 😉

    Very intrigued by Rick’s post (first post)… but won’t pursue it. Sometimes it’s horses for courses.

  19. Jake Snow says:

    Thanks FOF for looking out for our health! GREAT show, perfect balance of the serious and the humor. Love you guys. Oh and Dr. Frank, you are very handsome. You’re a very big turn on. I don’t understand how you are single. Please be back on the show again so we can hear more of your sexy voice!

  20. Cliff Dix says:

    Thank you Dr. Frank.
    I will definitely buy the book. I think society has become so uptight when it comes to sex let alone gay sex that we are doing all our citizens a disservice. We need more frank sex talk to empower us.
    Terrific show guys.

  21. Lieber47 says:

    HE can’t get a date? I find that hard to believe. Unless he has some huge hidden flaw somewhere we can’t see…

  22. Benjamin says:

    I got in trouble when Mark said “Jaundice Jamboree.” I was in my local italian sandwich shop, and started laughing. The cute Grandma behind the counter thought I was laughing at her.

  23. Rhea says:


    So that means the Gay Sanjay Gupta is actually the gay Sanjay Gupta? 🙂

  24. Curt says:

    Now that’s a silver fox!

  25. When I get my free regular check-up at the std clinic I notice that there tend to be a lot of hot guys around. Is this because hot guys get more sex and therefore pick up more trouble? Or are hot guys too stupid to prevent themselves from catching something? In any case, it is akward to find yourself cruising a guy, then catch yourself and realise he might very well be there for something contagious…
    Now where do I sign up for the ‘Dr. Frank is oh-so-dreamy’ fanclub?

  26. Benjamin the “Jaundice Jamboree.” was a the last line in a whole slew of crazy circuit party names listed in one of the live shows. It was something like “black and blue balls, Gangrene balls, Polka Dot Balls and the Jaundice Jamboree- that’s not too popular that last one.”
    Its the show we found Amanda for!

    here’s some pics

  27. alexb says:

    Loved the show, hope you have him back soon.

  28. Oh My Gah!

    I totally picked the right podcast to pick back up on. Dr. Spinelli, damn…u r just hot! I’d love for him to talk to me all day about my health. I would make sure he had all the romance he needed…lol. Anyways, I loved the show and I am so sorry that life drug me away from commenting on here!

  29. Polo Drew says:

    Doctor it hurts down there, I think I pulled a muscle watching the show 🙂

    Great shows guys. Dr. Spinelli is such a hotie, oh why can’t I ever get a doc like him. Seriously tho, Dr. Spinelli had some great advice on the show. Thanks for mixing up the humor with the serious things we need to know to stay healthy and live proud, fierce lives. I’m going to run over to Amazon (using the site link of course) and buy his book.

    FoF is my prescription for what ails you.


  30. “The most important thing is to “come out” to your Doctor” – Really makes me think a lot.

    I love the sound of your laughter, so assuring, please come back on the show someday Frank.

  31. Fishsauce says:

    Thank you for this very informative show. If only we could all have an intelligent, caring and understanding doctor like Dr. Frank.

  32. Nathan says:

    Now this was a fantastic show!
    … Dr. Spinelli is a fox! Rarr!

    Dr. Ruth was pretty impactful for me, too.. Remember that Quantum Leap when Sam was Dr. Ruth… fabulous!
    Bring Dr. Spinelli to talk about growing old gracefully… THAT would be a show to tune into.

    When I lived in LA, finding a good gay-friendly doctor was a pain in the ass. I ended up with a doctor, who was able to see my quickly, take care of things during a scandal (I thankfully to never be diagnosed with anything), but was always scared to talk about sexual health.
    Can he be a regular.. like once a month, focusing on gay men’s health issues?! Fabulous and sexy! Bring it!

  33. Hey I loved the show! I am a medical student and it was especially great for me…I took notes on how to be a “gay doctor.” Dr. Spinelli is great and handsome I would love to be his intern. He can be my consultant any day!

    But seriously these are very important issues that ought to be talked about so thanks Dr. S!

  34. PureeTofu says:

    I must say this was an awesome episode.
    I\’m very pro being VERY open with your doctor.

    Unfortunately my teenage to two years ago doctor passed away but we had a great relationship. Dr. Jackson was very frank and would tell me the best and least expensive way to get help, ie. HIV tests through him cost $50, Health Dept. Free!

    I personally feel most comfortable with a younger female doctor, though I don\’t think there are many gay doctors floating around Raleigh.

    Also, on the note for plastic surgery, hair dye, etc. Frank, don\’t touch a thing, dear lord, I\’m 25 and wish I looked as good as you do at 40!

  35. PureeTofu says:

    I\’ve not had the fiber cookies but I eat Fiber One bars as a snack through the day. Tastie and good for you!

    As for the breakdown:
    Song name – \”Love Song\” by Sara Sara Bareilles

    I :heart: shorter guys,

  36. Curtis says:

    Really great episode. Engaging and well spoken. Invite him back.

    I found having a Doctor that knew I was Gay to be a major transformative experience in my health care. Having a Doctor who understood the implications was critical too.

  37. Miguel says:

    THIS MAN IS Soooooo HOT, I could drink that man’s bath water!! 🙂

  38. Hey Fausto and Marc,

    Thank you so much for such an entertaining, interesting and informative interview. This was quite an enjoyable show. I will definitely get a copy of Dr Spinelli\’s book for my boy, Shaun and will also recommend it to a friend of mine that runs a book store. I think he should carry it in his store.

    We really do need more helpful gay friendly books like this that can help us take care of ourselves and not be judgemental at the same time.

    Dr Spinelli is just lovely. Intelligent and interesting man and not to mention down right STUNNING!!!

    Once again, you guys have enlightened us. Thank you so very much.

    Mel in Oz

  39. I miss you guys already. So invite me back soon. Even better I will be in San Francisco at a Different Light March 22nd at 3pm and then LA, April 18th at 7pm. See you there and please send in your questions. Gay Health evolves from the discussions of questions brought up by you and your amazing listeners. All the best Dr. Frank

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, do we really need doctors specifically for gay men’s health? I mean, I worry about AIDS and such, but you’d figure a proctologist wouldn’t worry too much one way or another.

  41. Well, maybe not specicially but does a straight man really have concerns about anal sex?

    And yes, there is homophobia in the doctor community so its nice to be able to go to a doctor that understands your concerns.

    Here’s a nice blog you can visit that talks specifically about gay men’s health concerns

  42. gay traveler says:

    a very good initiative.. i think there is a great demand for it

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