Mike Huckabee says of adoption by same-sex couples: ‘go get a puppy.’

Apr 13, 2010 · 1985 views

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Mike Huckabee–who still thinks being gay is about equivalent to incest–says if same-sex couples feel the gross need to take care of a living thing for long-term, there are many puppies needing a good home. Knowing how Huckabee feels about gays, if I were the ASPCA, I’d be offended.


  1. Extremely offensive. How can people take this guy seriously?

  2. VJnet says:

    Unfit heterosexual parents and straight people who choose not to raise their children are the reason that these orphans need to be adopted in the first place.

    There are many different kinds of families. Why must there be such narrow definitions for what makes up a family? Huckabee’s is just finding an excuse to extend bigotry and ignorance. There are plenty of abusive and neglectful heterosexual parents who fall into “the basic fundamental definitions of family.” It doesn’t mean that it’s a good environment for children. If Huckabee really cared about the best interests of the children, then he would be advocating for same-sex parents to be able to foster and adopt children. This would create more stable homes for them to be with loving, capable parents.

    I wonder if Huckabee knows that there’s another homophobic leader with similar views and they both share the letter “H” as the first letter of their last names. Hitler didn’t allow gays and lesbians to adopt children either.

  3. With ya totally. I despise this guy.

  4. Jon-paul says:

    I am so tired of idiots like this leading our country. He is a bigot that is only spreading hatred against the LGBT community. He is a vile man who is stuck with Neanderthal ideas. How much more of this crap can our community take. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

  5. Andy says:

    Oh yes, I will get a sheep dog puppy, raise him like combat dog and then I pay Mike Huckabee a visit. 😉

    Seriously, it is very easy to make a baby. But is difficult to raise child so she/he becomes a responsible, smart and self-confident person of our society. There are so many orphans, children waiting for a couple to adopt them. Who cares if it is a straight or a gay couple?

    If Mike Huckabee actually cared about his country he would allow gay couples to adopt children.

  6. Strombergs says:


    We were really behind you and your thinking until today…We are the parents of two young adult girls.Both are the lights of our lives. Intelligent, beautiful, loving and funny. Beautiful babies,toddlers,children,teens. Inseparable even now.
    The only slight difference is the youngest is attracted to and is in love with a woman. I wish you could know how it hurts for someone to tear your baby down. She is partly our creation and our pride. She has not CHOSE a lifestyle.

    She is pure in who she is and what she feels.She is not aberrant, unnatural, or sinful. But it seems you are..who’d of thunk it?

    Sit back and watch…SHE WILL BE ACCOMMODATED.You are a minority in your thinking.

    She is a beautiful creation of God and there is not ONE thing HE or we would change about her.

  7. If I think on this for too long, I will begin frothing at the mouth… so instead, I leave you with this cheeky graphic.

  8. This is such bullshit… a puppy isn’t a child. This is the same oversimplification that gets my so pissed off. Once again trying to tell gay people that “this is just as good” when it isn’t. Saying that having a child is sacred or whatever and there are tons of children put up for adoption every year by accidental conception. It’s horrible that people still think being Gay is a threat to America or children with absolutly no evidence to support that view other than “it’s not how god wants it”. Fortunately for all of us, everyone know Huckabee is a whako and about as good a source for information as a Bazooka Joe comic.

  9. The whole “let’s not experiment” tale is such a dishonest rhetorical fallacy, it’s disgusting. Like with openly gay people serving in the military, there have been numerous countries in the world that have been allowing gay couples to adopt children for many years now, and no negative impact on the children’s development has been determined. Offensive and absolutely ignorant.

  10. Chickengirl says:

    Huckabee definately fits into the batshit crazy category so I never take anything he says seriously….John Stewart had him as a guest in his show and right when Huckabee starts talking he says that the way this country can keep improving or something like that was if people kept procreating and that homosexuals were bad people..its just like “ok whatever crazy person…”

    but when they are in a position of power that is different..and that is not a good thing :/

  11. Chickengirl, he was very much in a position of power. He was Governor of Arkansas, and that state officially now stands as the state with some of the most oppressive laws for their LGBT citizens–including one of the few laws on the books banning gays from adopting kids. Huckabee was only interested in destroying decent Arkansas families and shoving gays and lesbians back into the closet. Don’t think it matters because its just Arkansas? Be wary–crazy spreads!

  12. … he’s also in a position of power as a talk show host.

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