VIDEO: Thoughtful Men Are Cute…especially With Disco Eyes.

Aug 29, 2010 · 1985 views

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I’m glad to see a youngin’ put this down into a nice cogent train of thought.  Plus, I can’t get over how cute his disco eyes are. lol


  1. Curtis says:

    I don’t think his contempt for people enlightened enough to realize that Monogamy isn’t a magic recipe for happiness and respectability is any more “honest”. I do agree that apathy over our ongoing civil rights struggle is our biggest enemy, but he does little to bring us together under one equality banner by pretending that non-monogamists are the enemy to equality.

    • mododavid says:

      I understand your commenting on his implication. I hadn’t spotted that…I think it was the disco eyes…, but you must see that that doesn’t seem to be his intent. His contempt is more for those who won’t fight for a civil right that they don’t plan to use than his own contempt for polygamy. I agree with him that not fighting for absolute equality and instead picking and choosing issues (like some not standing behind the Target thing) is a major problem in our community. I’m sure that is what he is trying to get across.

  2. Curtis says:

    oh an dyes he’s cute, and the disco eye thing is very effective

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