FOFA #261 – Interview with the Astrologer

Jun 21, 2007 · 1985 views

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Are you controlled by Uranus? What kind of sway does that freaky seventh planet from the sun hold over your sexuality? Maybe your a butch dyke because your Venus and your Moon collide? Just how […]


  1. Avatar Andrew J says:

    Very interesting podcast guys. But you know, I’ve gotta ask everyone a question because there was something I just didn’t catch. How many years of experience does this guy have? I was hoping he would say it more than once because I didn’t catch the exact number of years. Can anyone help me out?? Hehe.

  2. Avatar Tyto Alba says:

    Today’s was an interesting show, but Fausto was right when he said that Alan was being pretty vague. I suppose one can’t help it when speaking about such a broad kind of study, but a little more clarity and a little less repetitive ancient this-and-that would have been nice. I suppose that’s where “esoteric” comes in to play.

    I felt that he was very circular when explaining what astrology is and by Appealing to Tradition* to substantiate it, he hasn’t swayed my opinons in either direction. I get the feeling that he probably can explain astrology in clearer terms but did not deign to do so. After all, we are not his “peers” because we haven’t studied astrology for forty years and therefore can’t question its validity.


  3. Alan is rather in to himself and his experience.

  4. Avatar RcktMan says:

    LOL… this is a joke right? I think this guy is, in FoF history, the most reviled guest ever to appear on FoF. Oh if only we could see the comments on the old site… they were scathing!!!! 馃檪

    I couldn’t listen to this one all the way through the first time, so I kinda doubt I’m gonna give it a listen the second time around. 馃檪

    Have a safe trip home, Fausto… lotsa love to Patricia!!!!

  5. Avatar Zara says:

    Yes Rick, I’m remembering the comments on this on the old site…good times *chuckles* 馃檪

  6. Avatar patrick says:

    a belated april fools’ prank perhaps?!! this was the only show in my 1 1/2 years’ worth of being a fan that i did not finish all the way through so i didn’t even bother downloading it this time… 馃槢

  7. Wow – so this guy can be self-involved in 7 languages? Does he have anything worthwhile to say in any of them? He must be a top – with him being so full of himself I don’t see there would be room for anybody else in there. We have a whole Esoteric books room at our store and it is somewhere between amusing and baffling how many people will believe the weirdest crap. Like mediums chanelling beings from another plane of existence that are being taken completely seriously by the readers. I read a couple of pages of such books and I never got how crap like that got published – it’s not even good to read for a laugh as it just reads like gibberish by someone who forgot to take their medication. But what is scarier – mental patients who get their books published or the ‘sane’ people who believe them?

  8. Fausto, maybe your listeners might want to hear a lighter side of astrology, one from a person who doesn’t have 40 years experience …remember when Amnesia gave your listeners the erogenous zones according to their sign? Wasn’t that a gay ol’ time. much love. happy pride. check your mail.

  9. Avatar Trey says:

    I pesonally believe there’s something credible in mysticism, but this guy seemed really sketchy, mostly just because of how pompus he seemed.

    A long time ago I actually studied this subject quite a bit (astrology, magic, spirits, etc.), and something that kept coming up was, according to many, if you really have the “ability” or “gift” to do this type of stuff and you use it to enlighten someone, truly help someone, etc., you’re actually not supposed to charge or accept anything in return…. something along the lines of no physical gain from your gift. At least that’s what I had been told… so to hear that he charges at least $250, and is not flexible on that… makes me wonder.

  10. Avatar Tyto Alba says:

    Well I kinda disagree with that. If it’s a skill someone has spent years honing in a field he’s spent years researching, why shouldn’t he get paid for his time and expertise? Furthermore, at a price that reflects it? A psychologist or a doctor has abilities and perhaps gifts to help people but those abilities/gifts that he’s spent years working at are his livelihood. Anyone whose is an expert has every right to charge for his or her time as a paid, professional consultant. Though the astrologer’s field may be dubious to some, it’s still his livelihood.

  11. I just wanted to see what kind of reaction people would have a year later. I guess things don’t change much. Tee hee!

  12. Avatar RcktMan says:

    I love you, Marc. 馃檪

  13. Avatar Rob says:

    I was very confused during the whole thing. I felt kind of bad actually.
    Did anybody end up going on that trip? oi.

  14. After 40 years of studying nonsense, its still nonsense.

  15. Avatar Dave says:

    As soon as I heard the first minute of this show I was catapulted back to the first time it ran. I shut if off then and did the same this time. LOL

  16. The thing that got me when I heard this the first time was the guy did not even offer to cast charts for Marc and Fausto. I mean, come on! He was getting some free publicity, so the least he could have done was give them some insight into what the planets had going on when the two of them were born. Too much to ask, I guess.

  17. That’s what I’m talking about. That was true blue bullshit.

  18. Avatar Reneecamp says:

    I am still confused about how on a small island near Indonesia (sp) one can find “fabulous Fabrics” yet… not toilet paper.

  19. Avatar Tyto Alba says:

    “. . . the guy did not even offer to cast charts for Marc and Fausto.”

    Yeah that’s pretty fucked, or at least not very gracious.

  20. Haha, I was wondering what the responses would be as I listened a few days ago. Why’s this guy so defensive? And so resistant to clear explanations? BOOO.

  21. Well at least this show got you guys to comment!

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