Levi Kreis – The Reckoning

Oct 9, 2008 · 1985 views

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Singer and powerhouse on the piano Levi Kreis sings about accepting himself in the song “The Reckoning.” Taped in glorious High Definition in our home studio in Chicago. Click here to buy the entire song […]


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    Great editing. Loved the different camera angels. Especially the aerial crotch shot of Levi. Damn honey.

  2. Saulo says:

    Wow! Levi is great!! An amazing song, very well executed!
    Well done!

  3. Kieran says:

    input your comment here…kind of jaded that kind of music. More kind of musak than real music. Pastiche has its limits

  4. Kieran says:

    input your comment here…kind of jaded that kind of music is not for me. Pastiche has its limits.

  5. His performance made me feel all tingley inside!!!

  6. Tomaz Tacla says:

    Guys I cannot say enough of how much I LOOOOVE your show! I’m beginning to get scared if I’m changing from fan to stalker , but I find you guys smart, funny, and I wish I could be there to make some comments. (Chill out, you’re not in danger, I’m too far away – in Brasil). The show with Levi was buy the way SUPER FUN! I love music and I’m buying now all his CD’s.
    Keep up making this GREAT SHOW! Love you guys!

  7. Jon-paul says:

    I just love this performance live in your apartment!

  8. Stalk away Tomaz! 🙂 Thank you so much for the lovely compliments.

  9. David Craig says:

    Levi is a genius! It’s just a matter of time before the world finds out and falls in love with him!

  10. Bryan Kelling says:

    Sitting on the campus of OSU at the Oval I was listening to the podcast from Levi yesterday and I was in awe. That boy is talented. I was actually late to class because I had to log into iTunes and download five of his songs. I so glad you had him on the show. You two guys definitely have some great talent on your show and I’m in full hopes that you can get a T.V. show of your own. Keep up the fantastic work.

  11. Matt says:

    Awww! I talked to Levi just before this was shot. It’s so good to see him! He’s such a sweetheart and so talented. And watching him perform is like watching him perform sex on a keyboard. LOL. That’s hot!

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