VIDEO: Lady Gaga Says Equality Is the Prime Rib of America

Sep 20, 2010 · 1985 views

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The finest choice of meat is Lady Gaga!


  1. omg love her so much. the speech is so inspirational. She is the first musician that i love as an artist but also respect as a person with the finest character and so much love to offer

  2. Love you Lady Gaga, but watch the voice! I want you to keep those pipes working until you’re sixty four. It makes me a little anxious when she screams like that, knowing it may hurt her vocal chords.

    How wonderful is Lady Gaga huh? This is how you do it folks. She’s not just a ally, but a love bomb in the fight for equality. I hope other public figures (athletes especially) take notice on how this is actually helping our cause and her career. This is progress folks.

  3. Avatar Chickengirl says:

    she sure knows how to pander to the gays doesn’t she???? Now they will buy her music even more!!! but I guess if she can help get DADT overturned then why not.

  4. i like to believe that it is not alla bout seeling her music lol. She didn’t become popular because she supported gay people. I think that is just two side of the same person that are both wonderful and fabulous

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