VIDEO: Soldier Comes Out to His Dad

Sep 19, 2011 · 1985 views

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Pretty moving! Soldier @areyousurprised comes out to his father in Alabama after the repeal of DADT. You may have seen his previous videos where he talks about being in the military while shielding his identity. […]


  1. Alfonso Muñoz-Alma says:

    I waited all that time and he never took his shirt off?

  2. GayMarine says:

    As I watched this video I could not help but remember a time 24 years ago when I was forced to have this same conversation with my father. I was a Marine in Japan and my daddy was in Alabama, too. I remember feeling my heart race and that almost sickening sense of fear over not knowing what was about to come. I applaud this Marine and his father – the Marine for his courage to speak the truth and the father for his loving acceptance of that truth. They are both great assets to our nation.


    • I hope you had the same sweet reaction then as this guys had. I really admire people that have the courage to come out especially when you are a soldier because it adds one more layer of stereotype and expectation on top of everything else.

  3. Andy says:

    That is so sweet, good for him his parents reacted so well. Would like to know where in Germany he is based.^^

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