FOF #1064 – The Journey of Queer Ricans

Sep 28, 2009 · 39045 views

Larry La Fountain

Every year thousands of Puerto Ricans emigrate from the the Island of Puerto Rico to other parts of the world in search of a better life. Their quest mirrors that of many queer folks who travel from their hometowns to other places to express their identity.

But with modern times, we see that this type of travel isn’t always a one way trip and now we see people are living the life they want in their hometown or anywhere they choose.

Queer Ricans On today’s show we’re talking to the ever giddy and delightful Larry La Fountain-Stokes, professor of queer studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His new book Queer Ricans-Cultures and Sexualities in the Diaspora, explores the cultural expression of Puerto Rican queerness and how sexuality has shaped and defined the Puerto Rican experience in the United States.

In his book Larry examines the lives of queer artists of the 60s through the present day whose work is flavored by their Puerto Rican-ness, whether living on the island or in major urban Puerto Rican communities.

Listen as we discuss how Puerto Ricans’ love of the derriere has influenced American culture by giving the backside the respect and admiration it so greatly deserves.

Does gay American culture overly sexualize or fetishize Puerto Rican men? Is there anything wrong with that?

Also in the news:

Pictures of the East Cleveland Mayor in drag surface, but is it really him or a devious ploy of a political opponent?

The giant baby of Indonesia still can’t get enough.

Underwear for left handed men that no one needs or wants priced at $30.

The beauty supply terrorist is caught, will drag queens soon be on the terror alert watch?

A woman conceives a second baby two weeks after becoming pregnant with her first child. She’s now carrying the two babies but are they really twins since they weren’t conceived at the same time?

Patrick Swayze said the movie, Dirty Dancing, wasn’t dirty enough but he loved Ghost.

And nudists in Germany seek a wilderness path for hiking in the mountains. Yodaleheyooh! Ooh baby!

Featured Book:
Larry LaFountain-Stokes- Queer Ricans: Cultures and Sexualities in the Diaspora : Amazon

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Matt Alber – Hide Nothing: iTunes | Amazon



  1. Doug says:

    Hey, Latin America is mostly Brazil LOL

    And the butt is ‘big’ down there too. J-Lo, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera… they all use that Brazilian jeans that makes the derrière looks rounder and fuller. K-Fed even rapped about the “popozão” because Britney bought 9 pairs when she visited Rio

    Kudos to my Jewish Brazilian fellas in Rio (I miss all those parties! Happy Yom Kipur) and Rican friends. I miss all those parties

  2. flambebrulee says:

    Lol did Larry say Griffith?… She is so D-List still ^^

  3. Ooops! Guilty as accused! I did say Kathy Griffith, LOL.

    Thanks for having me on the show! It was really fun! I’ve been laughing a lot as I listen to it.

  4. Nidocamen says:

    I agree with Larry, Jones Beach on Long Island is awesome! Used to go there when I was kid during the summers when visiting family in NY. Didn’t know about the nude part though!

  5. TrickyToro says:

    Professor Larry is one of my favorite guests. Always great to learn about another aspect of our experience and see thru the eyes of another. I am super excited for the new book he talked about too!

  6. OMG… Fausto, you’re so bad! And Toro, you’re so nice! Thanks for your message! I REALLY have to make it to California one of these days!!!! I’ll be reading from my book Queer Ricans in Ann Arbor (Wednesday Oct 7 at 7 pm, sh/AUT/ Gallery and Performance Space, across from /aut/ Bar in Kerrytown) and in New York City (Thursday Oct 22 at 8 pm, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Hunts Point, The Bronx)! Hope to see some of you there!

  7. TrickyToro says:

    Larry I’m at UC Santa Cruz now. Maybe you could do a reading at our campus then we can have a private reading…kidding of course :-}~

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