FOF #534 – Stalking Chris Garneau

May 15, 2007 · 1985 views

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Chris Garneau is so adorable. He is even cuter in person than he looks in his press photographs. He has beautiful eyes and a great big smile. Last Saturday Jim Verraros, his boyfriend Bill Brennan, […]


  1. It was good to hear from V-Mar! Believe me sweetie, we haven’t forgotten about you. I always love the great stories you have when you come on the show.

  2. Irob says:

    V-Marr rocks !! What a story !! I don’t think anything is thrown at us that were not designed to handle. It’s obvious she’s tough and can handle alot.
    Keep it up V-Marr, great to hear from you !!!

  3. Irob says:

    Also, love that Haulover beach !! I spent a winter in Miami a few years back and spent most mornings on that beach………could of done
    without some of the naked vollyball but other then that………woo hoo.

  4. Once again, it is wonderful to hear from V-Marr. Best wishes, and hoping you can get away from all of that drama. Stay strong, girl!

    I also loved hearing about the Alt Q music festival. One more thing on my “To Do” list.

    To do an Australian accent, start with a Cockney, but pronounce the “h”, turn a “t” into a softer “d,” and make the syllables sound less proper and more casual.

  5. Cliff Dix says:

    There are a lot of FOF regulars in the news lately. First JoJo Baby and his boiling skull. Then V-Mar and the tense stand-off down in Miami. What is next? Miss Ronnie foils terroist plot? SAL-E uncovers assasination plot? Stay out of trouble you guys.

  6. Maia says:

    V-Marr Returns!!! Don’t worry, you are not forgotten. V-Marr adoration society! Keep making those collect calls to Chicago — it’s so good to hear you on the show again!
    Don’t forget, use cold water for blood stains.

    Kisses to all you boys —

  7. Do guy’s realize how many times we have used the phrase “V-marr returns” on the show
    and in the show notes? It always seems that every time she is on the show, it’s going to be her last.

  8. Maia says:

    V-Marr Returns, the Son of V-Marr…

    V-Marr’s Revenge!

    V-Marr, the Director’s Cut

    V-Marr 2: Still the Most Beautiful Woman on the Internet

    I think you should start naming the V-Marr shows like movie sequels. She’s like the character who dies at the end of the movie, only to miraculously jump out of the meat grinder at the beginning of the next movie, fully and fabulously unharmed, with all of her makeup intact.

  9. You are so right on Maia. We affectionately call V-marr “the cockroach. ” She really would survive
    a nuclear winter.

  10. VMarr never disappoints! So glad to hear from you!~ Take care! We LOVE you! More Vmarr Please!
    Where is the link to her movie?

  11. RcktMan says:

    Marc, what the hell is that picture– Spock in drag? Shudder! LOL

    Maia… that was the funniest damn thing. V-Marr is like Kenny on South Park. Ya keep killin’ her, but she always comes back to life in the next episode!

    Seriously though, we do love our V-Marr… even if she turns up like a penny a lot. That story was insane. I thought I had some crazy goings-on in my life. V-Marr, you take the cake, honey.

    I wish I could have gone to the Alt Q festival, but I was still in recovery mode myself that night. I definitely want to make it to the next one. It sounds like a fun time.

  12. Steven says:

    Not to get off topic, boys, but have you considered breaking these posts up using the “more” feature? 🙂

  13. Annie says:

    Victoria! I have never forgotten you. You are wonderful and I loved the beautiful song you sang. It brighted my day. Miss you on the show V-mar. Take care and stay strong. You are beautiful 🙂 Thanks again Fausto and Marc for creating such a great show.

  14. I usually add the “more” code after the show has been up a few days. I assume that most people want to read the the whole thing on the first day.

  15. i haven’t forgotten V-Marr!!! it was great to hear from her again.. although its awful that she went through that terrible experience! but its nice to hear her talk.. i felt all nostalgic when she started singing that old Vietnamese song…*sigh*

    anyways great show! 🙂

  16. Guys I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to hear Victoria speak. Not only are her stories entertaining but she has me in hysterics. Thanks!

  17. patrick says:

    the package was from me, guys! i can’t believe the stupid customs guys lost my card!!! i wrote a very long, very impassioned (not to mention fawning) letter explaining the significance of each and every piece!!! and it was on a very special card too! it had the image of a blue buddha on it and i got it in bhutan especially for fausto. drats!!! >:-P well, i just hope you like them!

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