FOF #602 – Wide Stance

Sep 3, 2007 · 1985 views

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Did you know the man who puts HO in Idaho, conservative Republican Senator Larry Craig, has his own podcast? On today’s show Marc and I “re-enact” the seedy incident where Larry was caught in a […]


  1. That crystal skull looks so awesome but I wouldn’t pay a whole bunch of money for it.

  2. No offence to Tim, but I think Tim needs to give himself time to figure out who he is and what he wants. Committing to something like marriage without thinking things through will only end up in heart break. It seems like he is not really sure of who he is, but is also afraid of losing his close friendship with the woman — Leaving him all alone…

  3. MoocherX says:

    Being a Martha Stewart fan, could I suggest you make a paper mache mould of your face, then paint it white in the style of a true venetian mask, followed by decorating with sequins, rhinestones, and the like.

    A rainbow stripe of sequins would look classy, of all-white rhinestone (or if you’re feeling fancy, use cubic zirconia).

    Then sell it on ebay. Or give it to a favourite friend as a unique and classy wedding gift.

  4. friktard says:

    lol Thanks for the advice, but I must say it isn’t a sudden idea that popped into my head. I’m not going to go buy a wedding ring tomorrow or any time soon, but it is somthing I’d like to try with her. We’ll take it slow, but we both feel the same way about eachother. We’ll keep you updated. 😉

  5. Chelsea says:

    I agree with what you said, enigma. But I have tried to tell him that I am afraid that he’s just lonely now, and that he needs to go off and be around other gay men to see if I am what he really wants. But he always says that he has been thinking about being with me for the past year now, and any time he thinks about being with anyone else, he’s always comparing them to me.

    We both have issues with the other people being with us, (a.k.a. we both get extremely jealous and will get in fights over the relationships we have,) and we just click. It’s been this way since he told me he was gay. I was the first person he told and we could not be closer. There was a time in there when all I wanted was to be with him, and he ended up breaking my heart by having to shoot me down, but even so, I’ve always wanted to be with him, gay or straight.

    I still think he needs to go out and experience a gay life outside of our hometown, but he’s stubborn.

  6. Great show today.

    As for Tim and Chelsea, I really doubt marriage is the proper course of action here. Tim is obviously not sure about his sexuality at this time seeing as he wasn’t even sure if he was bi, gay, or straight. I have a friend who’s unsure of her identity and really the thing that needs to be done is exploration. Chelsea needs to stay firm and not take him back with open arms right away and Tim needs to stop focusing on Chelsea and focus on figuring himself out. If you get together now you run the risk of finding out that Tim isn’t actually as attracted as he thought and the possibility of him wanting to explore later.

    As a second point, you’re both 18/19 and even thinking about marriage at this point is crazy. If you got married right now you’d be in a relationship for about 55 years (unless you got divorced). There are people that get married and divorced in less than a year, let alone 55 of them. You may love her now, but once you’re married and living together, things can change.

    And finally, if you guys fight over the people you’re in relationships with now, what’s going to happen later on? You’re both still human, you will be attracted to other people. If you’re getting jealous now, when you’re not even dating each other, what’s stop you from getting pissed over casual flirting in the future?

  7. I got about 5 seconds into this pcast and could not stop laughing.

    Thanks for workin it on Labour Day!

  8. I am super-happy that Tim is exploring his options with both identity and bonding — and trying to make a sound decision. Relationships are fluid rather you like it or not. Good friends will have some dips in the deep end that both want to explore. In my case, my best high school friend of 20 years made a pass at me throughout our yoga trip in Costa Rica at the beginning of this year. It would have been the first experience with a women – ever! But, I realized that she really loves trees too!

    ** long story **

    As long as Chelsea is not reading the book titled “The Spirit of Trees” – your fine. But perhaps, there is a little element on Tim’s end that he wants to tag onto the college experience that Chelsea is enjoing. My advice to Tim is that he should study his buns off and get the grades to transfer into the fertile grounds of real college since the best part of a college education is that it comes with free sex education too.

    In that environment, you get the chance to explore a lot of options. The college experience is an amazing journey worth the effort. When you have the choice between two evils, choose the one that you haven’t done before. That is how you become opinionated! 🙂

  9. So I’m a Native American guy who lives in New Mexico. We are very familiar with chupacabra. In fact a good friend of mine was telling me a story about driving around the Res, There was this animal that was chasing the car. It jumped over the hood and its face looked just like her Aunts.

    I told my friend that I always thought her aunt was a blood sucking goat demon.

    Also my dog Fuzzy is straight from the Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico. He is a very cool dog. He happens to be half coyote. He looks nothing like my friends Aunt.

    Also for you Tim, I have had many older gay friends who I met latter in life and they are still married and very happy. They made a decision when they were young that it would be an easier life to get married to a GAL. There lady friends understood the situation. Today you don’t have to do that for society, Thats a good thing.

    I make is sound like I know a whole crate of old gay men married to women. I know 2, But they are happy couples with children. Good Luck

  10. PupDon says:

    Excellent show, guys. I got very little sleep last night because of the extensive heat here in LA, and this morning the drive to work seemed very surreal (because I was so tired) so your quiet opening added a lot of wierdness to the morning.

    And Marc, you were ON today. You must have had one of Miss Ronnie’s energy drinks because you were too funny. Are you becoming a scat queen? How many times did you say the word “shit” on today’s show? LOL!

    Tim, everyone’s gonna give you advice here but it’s only because we all share a certain kind of kinship being part of this board, so it’s only because we really care about you. Plus, a lot of us are older and have been through a lot of what you’re going through. I’m not going to say that your feelings for Chelsea aren’t real, but you do have to examine your thoughts about wanting marriage before you even date. People learn a lot about each other by dating and then living together. So if you want to go in that direction, give yourself a lot of time. On the other hand, she might represent something familiar in world where everything seems to be changing. And things are going to change, you can’t stop it. People do most of their changes at 18, 21, and then 25. You still change a lot over the course of your life but at those ages most of us become very different. You may someday find that your fascination with other men was just a curiosity, then again you may find that you really do like men and the idea of having sex with women is a lot less attractive. If that were the case you could still have Chelsea as a best friend for your whole life. You have no way of knowing. And tying yourself down to marriage at this age would be like not giving yourself permission to undergo the natural changes that people go through.

    In my opinion, if things are meant to happen with Chelsea then you will eventually find each other again and it will happen. But you need to read the entire book before you can decide which chapter is your favorite. So go off and have fun, flirt, play around, date, but whatever you do, be safe! And if you need someone to talk to you have a whole big bunch of friends right here on the FOF board. 🙂

  11. Tim…don’t worry about what anybody says. EVER! Whether you are Gay, Straight, or Bi…it will all become very clear to you one day. Don’t let anyone rush you. Just do it in your own time. That’s the best advice I think I can give…

  12. So Andy, you’re not coming with us to Steamworks?

  13. Chelsea says:

    Marc, I wish I didn’t have huge boobs so I could pose as a guy and go to Steamworks with you and Tim. T’would be amaazing.

  14. Oh, Marc…not everyone has a lifetime membership…lol

  15. Ventura79 says:

    Marc, let’s go to Steamworks and not tell Fausto….it will be our seeeeeeecret lol….Andy join the club!

  16. Ryan says:

    Loved the show keep up the good work guys

  17. I caught that Rocky Horror reference, Fausto, you sneaky boy.

  18. Reneecamp says:

    I like Chelsea, she seems smart and well adjusted. I hope she has a positive influence on Tim. And you guys shouldn’t be so hard on Tim for going to community college… it’s a start!

  19. friktard says:

    Okay. Now… you guys should know the comunity college thing was a choice, and not because I couldn’t have gotten into a real university. I finished my first year with 54 Credits and a GPA of 3.93. I think as far as schooling goes I know what I’m doing. Sure I talk to very few of the people at my school, they’re mostly below me, but hey i get to live at home and make money… and thats somewhat okay by me. (This isn’t an angry repsonse) in fact I’m laughing. Hey.. wow. Since when does gh make a “fff” sound? I never really notice that before. I hate english.

    Mi llamo es Timoteo y yo hable espanol. A es una mejor lengua. (I think thats right… but after 1 semester… I don’t like english so much no more (as a written language))

  20. Good show!

    When I was 19, I was at college, having come out the previous year and living with someone I thought I would be with forever, but whom I left for good about a year later. I think it would have been much more difficult to come out if I had been living at home.

    When I was 29, I was back living with my parents, stuck at a crappy job, but dating a fabulous guy.

    When I was 39, I was living in San Francisco, working somewhere much more enjoyable, with my partner of 9 years (that same fabulous guy from back then).

    In summary, you might think something that’s going to be forever is actually temporary, and something you think is temporary turns out to be forever.

  21. Curtis says:

    Tim is definitely invited to come to Steamworks as my guest. Marc can arrange it with no problem. There is no reason for him to need a chaperon as people are respectful there and a simple “No Thanks” will generally work in getting rid of “trolls” (be careful Marc you might be considered a troll by some 19 year olds…) or nay other unwanted advances or partners.

    Tim, even if you do not go to Steamworks, I can’t stress enough what a terrible terrible idea getting married to ANYONE at 19 is. You don’t have a clue of who you are at 19. You’ve admitted this yourself on the show. How can you possibly think entering into a legal/financial entanglement with Chelsea is a viable option. As anyone in this community over the age of 25 will be happy to tell you, the 19 year old you is so completely and totally not who the 25 year old you will be. The 30 year old you will even think the 25 year old was a naive fool in many ways.

    Allow yourself the space and time to explore not only your sexuality but life! You’ll be happier in the long run and can maintain a beautiful friendship with Chelsea.

  22. Curtis says:

    Oh by the way did you guys see on the MTV Video Music Awards that the new Indiana Jones movie is called Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Maybe Bill Hadad can get a job voicing the skull for Steven Spielberg!

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