FOF #606 – Lesbian iPod

Sep 10, 2007 · 1985 views

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Isn’t it cute? Apple has updated their entire iPod line, including finally after all these years, little tiny iPod shuffles in LAVENDER. These new DykePods come in many other great colors, but we just think […]


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    I love iPods and talk about iPods. And that lesbian iPod is too cute. Always enjoy the smart & sexy Steven Peterson’s insight.
    Great Tech Show.
    And Marc please feel better.

  2. Apple knew exactly what they were doing with the way they released the iPhone, and then the iPod touch.

    People have been clamoring for a touch-screen, full-screen iPod for years. The iPhone was almost a tease of that concept: “Oh hay, here is this iPod that is full screen and touch screen but it has phone guts and only 8 gigs of flash ram.” Unfortunately, something that thin cannot use a mini hard drive because they eat too much power.

    In my humble opinion… This was apple dealing with the fact that flash-memory capacity still sucks. If they made it a smart-phone first, showed off how slick a touch-screen Apple device could be, and then got everyone so excited for the prettiness, they wouldn’t realize/care they were downsizing capacity for something so thin and efficient.

    This is the main reason I don’t want an iPhone/iPod-touch right now. I know that next year some Microelectronics firm in Asia is going to say “here is a 50-gig stick of flash memory for $189” and Apple is going to put it in the iPod touch and the iPhone. Hopefully by then it will be 3G and 802.11n and CDMA and THEN it will be the phone I /want/ as opposed to a phone /very-close-to-the-one-I-want/.

    Either way… the thing I got was one of the outgoing Cobalt-blue shuffles. Duke students represent :D.

    And Dearest Marc: I am sorry you are unwell, Feel better soon!!

  3. Steven says:

    epilonious, you’re exactly right! Flash memory is going to go down in price, and the moment that the iPhone/iPod touch hits 40GB, I will be the first one to upgrade. I don’t have a problem having more than one iPod because I like having the iPhone to listen to music on my way to the bar on Saturday night, for instance, and it allows me to carry only one device. While I’m on the train, or working, or working out, the iPod classic with 160GB is perfect for me, because those are the times where it’s important to me to have everything in my pocket. Besides, I’d never take my iPhone to the gym and touch it with my sweaty fingers. l’m glad you liked the tech-themed show. 🙂

  4. Steven, You’re the best! Smart, intelligent, and witty! Extremely good looking. I always enjoy listening to the show when you’re on! –fausto, you’re good too 😉

  5. Marc, please feel better very soon. Fausto, get the poor man some chicken soup! 🙂

    10 years ago, I used to carry around a cell phone, a Rio MP3 player and a Handspring, yearning for the day when they would all merge into one! The Qualcomm, then Kyocera, Smartphones (had both of them) replaced the cell and Handspring, but the MP3 player on the Kyocera was still crap, so I went through three Creative Nomad Jukeboxes.

    The first 6GB JB worked great, rock-solid, loved it, but outgrew it. Then the next Christmas they came out with the next larger version, so I got that, and started to have some trouble with the OS. By the following Christmas, the drive died so I used it as an excuse to get the Jukebox3 with the 20GB drive. (Then I hacked open JB#2 and replaced the drive, pretty cool.) JB3 was a pretty good performer, had some OS issues but probably not as many as other users reported. When the iPods came out, my JB3 still held more and had better accessories (FM tuner, remote, removable rechargeable batteries, could create playlists on the device, etc), so I stuck with it, but did start to feel the pain when the first Nano came out. Then the Video iPods came out and that was it for me, I was sold. I still kept the JB3 tho, ’cause I immediately filled the iPod with video, so the JB3 was my backup for audio.

    Then I finally replaced my Kyocera Smartphone with a Treo which could do everything my iPod could do (including video), and more. So I sold the iPod to buy Treo accessories and extra SD cards. Storage capacity was really the only drawback (but I still have the JB3, even tho I don’t use it anymore).

    I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t add an SD slot to the the iPhone/iTouch. Also, can you create playlists on-the-fly on those devices yet?

    But now the iPhone/iTouch has WiFi, which I really wish I had on my Treo (not to mention the gorgeous big wide screen). I refuse to buy the data service from Verizon. They already charge too much and are a bunch of ruthless bastards. So, I think I’ll probably suffer another year or so and see how iPhone 2.0 stacks up against the future Treos and other devices.

    Through all of this, Apple hasn’t necessarily had the breakthrough technology, but they have always pushed the design and user experience, which then brings the technology into the mainstream. I’m really excited to see how these products will push the rest of the industry forward.

    Steven, you’re really cute! I want to see a picture of you with a happy smile to go with those beautiful blue eyes.

  6. RcktMan says:

    Love love LOVED the opening song!!! That’s going to have to be a Mini Bite for sure. And even though Skype can be buggy and drop…py… Steven sounded crystal clear. Much better than a phone call!

    I wish I could join you in LA and SF. Sigh. Dammit.

  7. RcktMan says:

    Oh and Marc, I have a horrible cold, too. Get well soon… for both of us! 😛

  8. Gary T says:

    I hope Marc feels better soon.

    Great show again. Steven, I feel the same way about the new Nanos.

    Anyone who bought an iPhone when it first came out may want to check with their credit card company (if you charged it) as some credit card companies have price protection guarantees. You may be able to get some $ out of that, just a suggestion. I have a friend who used AMEX and is going to try and get $200 from AMEX and then get the $100 from Apple.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone at the Stud on the 3rd!!!

  9. Cliff Dix says:

    Sorry to hear you have a cold. Must be something going around Chicago. Feel better soon.

    PS I have used Skype before and it is sometimes hard to hear the other person clearly while you are talking to them. Although I must agree the audio did sound a lot clearer than a phone call.

  10. Please send us photos of yourselves with your iPods (or other devices) playing the show!

  11. Marc has some Mexican chicken soup here he’s feeding on. poor baby, he’s really sick. 🙁

  12. Great show there today, Marc feel better, Fausto loved the opening song.

    And I am no help in commenting on technology like the iPods

    But I did want to say how DUMB those cashiers were from the Walgreens Steven spoke of. I was a cashier for longer than I would like to say and one point they shoved down our throat was that if you see someone staling something DONT follow them, just let them go. Its so not worth it.

  13. I love the show, buy some shirts everyone I need my fof fix!

    Even when I have to have the damn ipod shove down my throat every time I hear the show. You know guys not all of us own or care for the pod. What’s up w/ your yahoo is in show 500 some.

  14. Henry says:

    I’ve finally caught up on all the shows! my computer went down and a new mac book was the perfect solution. I hope things progress well and you get a new mac fausto! I know what it feels like to be in fear of your computer crashing..

    Marc, i feel your pain! I am recovering from a bug too – so early because normally i get sick until spring. Get well soon… Plenty of rest, lots of fluids and nice cozy cuddling STAT!

    I agree, a $200 dollar drop in iphone price looks is pretty tempting…..

    The show is as always entertaining. Thanks for brightening up my day! Thanks Fausto and Thank you Steven, you can in loud and clear today…

  15. Steven says:

    Hey final_station, did you get your Digitally Delicious shirt yet? Post a pic of yourself wearing it! You’re the only profile on the comments without a pic! I didn’t think that Fausto and Marc talk about the iPod all that much, honestly, but you know — if it weren’t for iTunes and the podcast directory, and the built-in podcast support on the iPod, I probably would have never even heard the Feast of Fools. So I, for one, have no problem with giving Apple some props.

    What MP3 player do you use to carry the FOF around with you?

  16. Eric says:

    GWS Marc. And I think the lesbipods are awesome; concerning the show I think it was nice to get some tech-talk but why’s it always got to be Apple stuff? Surely there are other products that have caught all of your attentions. And about people who try to stop shoplifters/thieves: DO NOT DO IT. The police et al all advise cooperation, yet there has been a rash of people fighting back armed gunmen in gas stations and jewelry stores that have been posted on the web; sooner or later someone will get killed. Sorry to end on such a macabre sentence, but you can’t sugarcoat this stuff (unless you’re diabetic, then you can splenda it UP!)

  17. Ouch! “I feel like a mexican immigrant family” ?? hmm still debating on whether to call you out on it Fausto.. for some reason, that struck a chord…
    Anyway, otherwise good show. Hope Marc feels better soon.

  18. Anna says:

    I live in a rural town of about 15,000 people, which nearly doubles when the university is in session. We have approximately 30 espresso stands scattered throughout town and on campus, and all of them are doing just fine. Only four Starbucks stores — the rest are independent or the local roaster (D&M Coffee — very good). Starbucks is responsible for taking the message of consistently good coffee and espresso to places that have never had it before and opening the doors for local businesses to do the same. If the end result is the local crappy coffee joint closes, too bad for them, ’cause a better one will just take their place. I used to think that Starbucks was evil, but I know now that it’s possible for independent coffee houses to compete well with Starbucks stores, so the ones that fail were going to, anyway.

  19. Steven says:

    Anna, that’s a good point. Starbucks made coffee popular for the mainstream. Now I see 8-year-olds drinking lattes!

  20. brian says:

    FYI, you don’t have to hack into the iPhone to use your own files as ring tones…

    “To get this to work, we hear you only need to rename an AAC track to .M4R, then double click it and iTunes will automagically load it into iTunes for you. Next time you plug in your iPhone to sync up, just check off the song in the Ringtones tab and voila, instant tone gratification.”

  21. Crumbsnstuff—- A lot of Mexican immigrant families work really hard and are the backbone of many economies in the U.S.

    So why not acknowledge that? What’s wrong with saying somebody works really hard? What’s wrong is how large companies take advantage of immigrant labor to line their pockets with money. You’re just looking for bone to pick with me, really.

    I apologize if I said something stupid, but my intention was to poke fun at myself, not others.

  22. Yahoo sucks with podcasting support. Their RSS feed is screwy and we can’t do anything about it.

  23. Steven says:

    brian — Apple closed that hole mighty fast. There’s a new workaround for 7.4.1, but they’re going to close that too, I suspect. 🙁

  24. Steven I don’t have problem with Apple Inc. Yesterday I had just had one too many people tell me to get an ipod, so personally I don’t hate it either, my bf loves them. Most of the time I listen while at home directly from my desktop or laptop, if not I use a cheap 1Gb sony mp3 player.

  25. xio says:

    Get well soon Marc!

    The sound was crystal clear. I loved it! More skyped in shows ^^

  26. Ventura79 says:

    Great show guys… loved the reception the phone call,,, all the way from San Fran and it sounded like a newscast from like CNN!!

    Marc, FEEL BETTER SOON, i had a nasty cold last week and i feel for u! DAMN THOSE VIRUSES, I shall practice some Santeria so u can recoup in an INSTANT!
    what would u rather have me sacrifice? A goat? a chicken? Sen. Craig? Britney Spears?

  27. Ventura79 says:

    By that way I will be in LA that weekend of the award ceremony and im gonna do everything possible to go and meet you guys! ITS GONNA BE THE BEST BDAY PRESENT EVER!

  28. Make sure you get your PME pass (it’s free) for the conference.

  29. No offense to y’all Starbucks lovers, I don’t really like Starbucks. While Starbucks may be a great company to work for and makes somewhat good coffee, I just feel like Starbuck’s popularity made the whole idea of a coffee shop less special. It’s kind of like McDonald’s (o.k. may be it’s bad comparison, but you get the idea) — when you mass produce something, it cheapens the product that’s mass produced. Similarly, Coffee making brewing has turned from an art into a factory assembly line. Make sense?

    Another thing I dislike about Starbucks is they misused the coffee terms… Caramel Machiato is not a Machiato, but more like a Caramel Latte, again, seem to take away from the art of coffee making….

    Lastly, I would argue, a lot of other coffee shop chains make better coffee than Starbucks. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Peet’s Coffee are two coffee shop chains that makes arguably better coffee, but then people talk about Starbucks like there’s no other in the world.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Marc, hope you get well soon.

  30. The thing I dislike with Starbucks is the fact they go out of their way to try and put the small guys out of business. When I was in the UK I lived near a fairly small city. It didn’t really need 4 branches in the one small city centre. Other cities show a similar problem, they arrive and try to smash the smaller chains and stores. Personally, I’d never have a Starbucks. Today it aint much of a problem; as far as I know there are no Starbucks in Sweden. Hurrah! Starbucks coffee isn’t great; it isn’t even good. It’s just wet and warm. In the UK I’d go to Caffé Nero – real Italian coffee.

    But the thing I intended to say, before I got distracted was about Steven’s comments about airplanes and unthinking captains…

    About 8 years ago I had my first non-UK flight and my second ever – a flight from the UK to California. Now that’s a big first step into the skies! Anyway, the flight involved a connection in Chicago. I got to Chicago, made my way through immigration and customs, boarded the plane, we pulled away from the airbridge, and then we stopped. Nothing happened. All went quiet. The plane didn’t move, and it didn’t return to the terminal. Then a huge thunderstorm was going on around us. Finally, the captain came on and said that because of the thunderstorm, and the fact it had knocked out the control tower, we couldn’t take off. Three hours passed, still nothing was happening, so they shoved on a tape of I Love Lucy. After 5 hours of I Love Lucy I was ready to kill someone, and still no sign of anything happening!

    Then the captain came on the tannoy again, announcing that the traffic control had decided to “throw some planes in the air to see if it’s safe or not”. The words stuck in my head. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather not be around when they are “throwing some planes in the air”, and certainly not the one I was sat in! When we finally got in the air, we’d been sat in the plane for over 7 1/2 hours! And there was still the flight itself to go.

    That put me off flying and gave me huge fears for many years. It’s only recently I’ve been able to deal with them.

  31. Reneecamp says:

    I absolutely lOVE LVE LOVE Steven!! He’s adorable!!
    and as for Starbucks, I like that they take the debit card! I never have cash on me, and I like that they take plastic! Plus, they are everywehere and they are consistant. Many say they over-roast their beans, but I like their flavors and I enjoy the fact that I am not met by annoying indie music when I go into starbucks like I am when I go to smaller coffee places. In fact, i like Starbucks because I often hear bluegrass, Bob Dylan, the Dead, and Jazz. I like lot of the music they play at Starbucks…

    and why isn’t the new Nano in PINK????

  32. “The thing I dislike with Starbucks is the fact they go out of their way to try and put the small guys out of business.”

    Stop right there.

    Case Study: I worked for a servistar hardware company for about 4 years. They had less stuff and their prices were higher than Lowe’s/Home Depot/et al… But they trained the other employees and I to work our butt off making people happy and asked us to occasionally walk around the store and looking at how everything was organized and where things were. There were at least two people in each department… and customers happily admitted that they came here and paid an extra buck for a bag of bolts because they always had someone to help them with it and they didn’t spend a half hour looking for where they were.

    The point being… megalo-mart type things do not “kill” home-grown businesses. The home-grown businesses die of their own accord because they were mediocre and a better option moved in. If the quaint coffee-shop down the lane was such a community treasure, it will be there long after the starbucks arrived. If the majority of people feel that starbucks had better coffee or the old coffee shop’s employees were creepy angry teenagers and was occupying some dive in the warehouse district… then the old coffee shop might just lose some customers when the slick starbucks with a drive through moves into the strip mall.

  33. If you don’t mind, I won’t stop right there. Anti-competitive pricing, driving up local rents for stores, them flooding the market with stores to oversaturate the local marketplace etc are things that the local stores have no control over.

    Starbucks can afford lossmaking stores as they try and build up market share locally. Once they’ve driven people out of business, they then shut stores down and take the market for themselves. There are plenty of reports out there about that.

    The casual coffee drinker will just go where the prices are cheapest and not think twice about the rest. Sadly, all businesses need those customers as well as the aficionados to stay afloat.

    And don’t get me started on their moves to do with Kenya AA coffee…

  34. Reneecamp says:

    I agree with Epilonious… in Philadelphia there are tons of small coffee shops and about a million Starbucks… and I’ll tell you what: the better small coffee shops have no problem sharing space with starbucks. They are always full of people and have been around forever. It’s the places that have bad coffee and bad service that close down.

  35. kitschcamp: If the people in your neighborhood care mostly about price, oh well… I guess the deserve to drink shitty, cruel coffee (whatever cruel coffee is) If you think Starbucks’ tactics are dirty, don’t drink coffee there… but as of right now all your examples sound like hearsay. I would far more believe that the other places were small, out of the way, and occupied with surly workers who didn’t really want to be there, and didn’t put up much of a fight when the corporate backed ‘baddie’ moved in. But it seems too easy to bitch about teh corporate eeeevil and it’s affects on America, etc etc.

    Just like all the people who bitch about Wal*Mart: They say they are killing all the mom-n-pop shops… they say they are being horrible to their workers… when really, as Penn&Teller pointed out, they are no worse than any other place, and create a lot of jobs, if not more than the shops that moved out when they got there. Meanwhile Wal*Marts also tend to become the place where low income families can get fresh vegetables (which used to be out of their price range). The real reason that people tend to hate wal-mart is that they are ticky-tacky and full of low income families and that makes them uncomfortable… but hey, once again, some corporation is making a profit… and must be excoriated appropriately.

  36. Andrew J says:

    Sorry to nit-pick, but I thought everyone should understand something about the iPod touch. Steven mentioned that it would be great to be driving down the road with friends and want to hear a specific song and be able to go to the new wireless iTunes store and buy it right then. That might work with the iPhone, which has cell phone based internet built in as well as Wi-Fi, and it would be awesome, but I don’t think it would work for the iPod touch unless you just so happened to be driving through an area that had free Wi-Fi internet available. As far as I understand it, Wi-Fi on an iPod touch does not mean you can access internet no matter where you are, you still need to be near a Wi-Fi internet hotspot (just like using a Laptop computer, for example). That being said, I do think that the idea of the wireless iTunes store is awesome. Now what if they incorporated the wireless iTunes store with the new create-your-own ringtone feature so that if you have an iPhone, you could meet someone new, ask what their favorite song is, go to the store and download the file, create a ringtone and assign it to your new friend’s phone number, all on your iPhone within a few minutes of getting that person’s phone number. That would be pretty cool. Talk about instant gratification!

  37. Listening to this one now at work as I’m WAAAAAAAAY behind, but just loving Stephen Peterson. I love geeks with enthusiasm and a great sense of humour. Another incident of spewing diet coke when he says the Starbucks notification function on the ipod makes him ‘throw up in my mouth a little”.

  38. memory ring says:

    Hello, do you know where I should r arr a rrr pirrrraats

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