FOF #635 – Podcast of the Apes

Oct 23, 2007 · 1985 views

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The planet of the apes might be closer than you think! Killer monkeys in India have gone too far, when last week they took out a senior Indian government official in his own home. New […]


  1. HexiJosh says:

    Shingo Mama isn’t a transsexual! It’s just a character Shingo Katori created for the SMAPxSMAP tv show and she became a big hit. Watch this vid for Shingo Mama in action with Gackt (the guy in sunglasses), a JMusic mega star. It’s soooo fucking funny.

  2. ohayou – おはよう means good morning, oha - おは is just a short form but is not common in Japan. ——————

    Now something to German telephone costs.They used to be high compared to the USA due to the former government owned company “Deutsche Telekom” which had a monopoly. But since its privatization to T-Com,T-online and T-mobil and more competitive German (European) market prices went down. The average telephone bill I would say is about 40 € (57 $) or higher inlcuding internet connection with flatrate DSL. You can use a telephone provider or you can get internet access and phone from a cable TV company. For a certain time the electricity companies offered also internet access just by connecting a modem to any socket. But due to high costs and high electromagnetic radiance they stopped to offer it. But it is still possible to use the electricity line by connecting an adapter to the usual modem, router and any socket and another adapter which you connect to another socket in the house.

  3. I agree they are all characters, but she’s still a drag queen:

    Love me some Shingo Mama! Rosie needs to buy the rights to her and bring her to America. Since she’s into kids and wacky drag queens, why not combine her interests into one fabulous tv show?

  4. Another song from Shingo Mama: Gakuen Tengoku


  5. Maia says:

    And I would like to send a shout-out to John Q Sanchez! From a fellow SAIC survivor. Thank you for the synopsis of Planet of the Apes, one of several books I neglected to read in my 20h-Century French Novel course in college. (Did you know it was originally written in French?)

    Brain-fork has more icy cred than me, I must point out, since he still lives in Canada and I fled the arctic north for balmy Chicago… but I will not deny the hotness charge. 😉

    John — Still no answers about that mysterious middle initial? An inquiring public wants to know what the Q stands for! (or maybe that’s just me)

  6. I love that the Simpson’s described Chicago as “Canada’s Miami”

  7. Maia says:

    ha! I love it too.

    Oh, I forgot to mention: I am now adding FUPA to my everyday vocabulary, thanks to you guys.

    “Getcher FUPA outta the bike lane!” or, “Ooh, she packs a nice FUPA.”

  8. Maia: Quincy! I’m named after our sixth president.

  9. Maia says:

    John Quincy!!! That is one kick-ass middle name. I have total middle name envy now…

    That does it. I’m changing my middle name to Angelou. (or maybe Deren, or Lin…)

  10. But Maia, you have something so much better, so much more precious than a kick-ass middle name: a kick-ass FIRST name!

  11. My middle name is ‘Godert’ (family name unpronouncable if not Dutch). On the plus side, I get to tell people: ‘Just call me God’. That’s funny cuz it’s blasphemous

  12. Amujan says:

    I’m neither muscular nor chiseled, but hot and from Berlin nonetheless ^^ so: the last Love Parade in Berlin was last year (2006) after a two-year hiatus and wasn’t renewed in 2007, due to differences between the city senate and the organization behind the parade. Since then it has moved to North-Rhine Westphalia, where it will change location each year up until 2011. The Hate Parade/Fuckparade was an opposing (and much smaller) parade, usually on the very same day as its big commercial “brother” with underground/alternative/punk/indie tunes done by folks you mentioned on the show.

  13. Maia says:

    JQ, glad you approve. It was an odd name to grow up with; very easy to misspell/mispronounce, and I HATE correcting people — it just seems rude. So I have been Maria, on occasion. I almost decided to change my name to Maggie when I went away to college — I figured it was my one chance to try something like that — but I chickened out. But now I’ve come to accept that I’m really a Maia.

    Here’s the weird thing, though: after a lifetime of being the one-and-only Maia (at least with an “i” … there have been a few Mayas in my life)… When I started out at this job 2 years ago, I found that one of my colleagues is also named Maia! Spelled the same way! Spooky. I tell you, it is SO bizarre. She’s Greek, so she has a reason to be named Maia. My mom just picked it out of a baby name book ’cause she thought it sounded nice.

  14. Hard Gay is actually a straight man… he’s married to a Japanese model. There was a big controversy about him causing negative stereotypes toward gay people… I’ve always found him funny myself (though I’m smart enough to see satire when it’s presented).

    Great show… Carol Channing is awesome!

  15. Yo:) Acctualy the Berlin phone corsts are pretty cool. I pay 30 Euros for 8Megabit line:)

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