FOF #760 – If It Ain’t GayCo, Don’t Fix It

May 14, 2008 · 1985 views

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Aren’t they cute? Comedians Jim Bennet and Andy Eninger from GayCo, the Chicago based queer comedy troupe join us today to celebrate over a decade of fun-filled shows. GayCo began as a lesbigay focused workshop […]


  1. Matty says:

    Haven’t listened yet, but looks to be hilarious! Can’t wait!!!

  2. Matty says:

    Well on the sperm donor thing, I promised to donate for my two friends, Ofra and Soo. Their both straight single women and we all came to the agreement that if they didn’t get married in 10 years I would donate to both of them and they each can have some kids. I love them like sisters so I am more then happy to provide my seed to put a bun in their ovens. lol But I dont plan on having any rights when they are born, I just want to be in their lives like an uncle and just be their Unlce Matty. 🙂

  3. Wanga Malata says:

    Just make babies the old fashioned way – beer and broken condoms.

  4. “I’m all for diversity until it’s rifling through my garbage.” !?! What was with that?! I’m trying to figure out a way to interpret that that’s not horribly racist.

  5. Try humor- he was making a joke that draws attention to that very subject of racism. Now, I explained it so its not funny anymore 🙁

  6. Miss Tastycakes says:

    Hilarious show with Jim Bennet and Andy Eninger guys! Definitively going to see them this weekend, thanks for reminding me to check out their show.

    Ow, rattlesnakes.

  7. Cliff Dix says:

    Andy and Jim are hilarious and should become regulars and not just with the help of fish oil. I do prefer flax seed oil myself. I wish Chicago were closer than a 12 hour drive or we would be there to see the show and go to Big Chicks.
    The last time Glen and I were there we ran the tolls twice but still no picture of us in the mail. I am guessing we are safe as long as we are never pulled over in Illinois. Then we may be locked up like in Midnight Express.

  8. The “save Big Chicks” link use to direct to an online petition that was started by Jeff Ramon. The new link is to an article about the demonstration outside of Big Chicks.

  9. Loved the show Andy and Jim are a blast – bring them back again.

  10. Matty says:

    Andy and Jim were hilarious, I loved the energy they had and the way their personalities played off one another. Hope to hear them again soon. Another great show guys. Lots of love!

  11. Nicely hectic group of funny men this one!

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