FOF #776 – Alpana’s Summer Wines

Jun 10, 2008 · 1985 views

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In the camp classic Myra Brenkinridge, Mae West sang that to experience life fully “You’ve gotta taste all the fruit, you’ve gotta drink all the wine.” And boy do we like to enjoy life fully! […]


  1. Hey guys great show again, nice to hear Alpana again. I think you were trying to think of George Eliot the Victorian novelist who was really Mary Ann Evans. Most famous for “The Mill on the Floss”, Silas Marner and Middlemarch. A good Hungarian red to serve chilled is Bor Forras which only uses the first pressing of the grape so low in tannin therefore you can drink a whole bottle with no hangover 🙂

  2. Fausto, you look great in that pic with you and Alpana!

    Great show, charismatic and thought-provoking. My boyfriend is a wine guy, and it’s driven me crazy for so long. I finally picked up Mark Oldman’s “Oldman’s Guide to Outsmarting Wine”, which breaks it all down. I’m starting to get it! The show today really synced up with that. Nice work, as always. 🙂

  3. Alpana is a wonderful lady. She is one of those delightful creatures I love to hear talking even though I don’t really follow the subject.

  4. Pete says:

    damn, alpana is sexing that t-shirt up! it’s nice to know she has a lower body since I always see her seated, behind a table on the show. as if I didn’t love her already, her coming out as a GG fan makes me worship at the temple of alpana.

    pridefest sounds like it was a blast. how hot is tracy is that pic! Milwaukee never knew what hit them.

  5. Great show with Alpana ! She should become a regular guest on a monthly basis at least to inform us about tasty wines.

    If you are in Greece you should not only taste its wine, “Rezina” but also the Greek beer “Mythos”. It is very light and perfect after a hot summer day.

  6. Today’s laughter-filled show is perfection! Alpana is a wonderful guest — you three have great chemistry.

  7. Teddy says:

    yay! what a treat. I love Alpana and love her show! Great show today boys!

  8. Jake Snow says:

    Oh Alpana I have missed your voice on FOF!! Your previous showings are actually on my top 10 list of FOF favorites. I love hearing your knowledge and refreshing perspective on wine. Come back often!! You always make the show a bight brighter and sexier.

  9. CharlieZ says:

    FOF + Alpana = HEAVEN. Thanks for the Beaujolais tip, I’ll be sipping that on the grass in the park at Ravinia this year for sure.

  10. RcktMan says:

    I just ADORE Alpana Singh! She has such a great energy and she is so much fun to listen to. Looking forward to the next time you’re on, Alpana… and the next… and the next…

    And DAMN girl.. that T-shirt looks GREAT on you!!

  11. Tallguy says:

    I loved the show today. I love Alpana, her voice is great. She sound smart and sexy. Seems like she would be a blast to hangout with.

  12. We’re planning on organizing a gay wine tasting event at the Center on Halsted, so be sure to come when it happens!

  13. Eric says:

    Alpana was great! I love her every time she comes on the show. She’s both intelligent and humorous, a combination to savor any day.

  14. I’m not so much of a wine drinker myself..but i love this show it is a good source of information.
    Alpana has a nice smooth voice that put me in the mood to drink a good glass of wine.
    Great show guys!!!

  15. Oh Fausto, you really made me laugh saying Natasha Bedingfield is ‘as big as Madonna in the UK’!
    The best way I can explain it, is, if Madonna were the American Idol winner, Natasha might have made it to the Hollywood rounds! That’s the level of her fame here.

  16. Well she did have quite a few #1 hits on the UK charts. I like her music, I just wish she would have been a little warmer backstage.

  17. groggy says:

    I was waiting soooo long for this show 🙂 Thank you!

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