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Jul 10, 2008 · 1985 views

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Cute, funny, sexy and single- that’s Bradon Toussaint from Tuscon, Arizona, one of our loyal lovely listeners! He’s one a smart sexy guy. As a microbiology student at the University of Arizona, Brandon spent much […]


  1. Best damn podcast you have done to date! 😉

    Was so much fun, hope to do it again soon!

  2. Even if you did misspell my name! lol

  3. I couldn’t find your profile! There it is.

  4. Matt says:

    The metal “penis” was the Dyna Douche. Its quite fabulous and some of my friends have them as well. (sry for name dropping. *drops a quarter into nearest cup*) Its mainly ment for Pre-sex cleaning but could be used for after sex as well. But I agree with Dr. Toussaint, your ass did just go through a lot. lol Well I’m still listening. I’ll comment again once I’m done. Loving it so far!!!

  5. I greatly enjoyed this podcast. I actually enjoyed the “nerdy” bits where you got into the morphological differences of the receptor… and how the war with HIV was pared down to “we have to find the things that do not mutate… and attack those” Sort of discovering ways to kill/block the HIV virus’ atomic elements if you will.

    A few nitpicks: Escherichia coli (E. Coli) is not a bad bacteria. It is probably the most prevalent of mammalian “natural fauna”… and it’s presence is pretty much benign. I have heard some arguments that since it grows so fast it helps “crowd out” other bad bacteria… or that it may be able to synthesize vitamin K… but most sources consider it commensalistic (symbiotic where one party benefits, and the other is unaffected: the E. Coli enjoys warm, snuggly colons, the human… doesn’t get helped or hurt).

    There is one serotype or “strain” if you will that is bad labeled “O157:H7” ( that causes all the product recalls and, well, bloody diarrhea. It is an E. coli that has a little bit of extra genetic information that basically makes a toxin that causes the colon to go beserk and bleed… and if you get THAT you definitely need to flush it out and kill it off.

    Also, such infections are usually caused by tainted food… and e-coli on food means that something touching mammal poop was touching the food and it is therefore not sterile.

  6. Matt says:

    I loved this show. So informative and nerdy! I love nerds! they make me feel normal. Loved Dr. Toussaint, he was both cute and smart what a lovely mix! My highschool offers the Gardisil Vaccine for free every other month. All the girls in grades 7-12th have to do is sign up and the local health clinic comes and vaccinantes them. My sister is vaccinated and all her friends are as well. As are all my friends of the vagina sort.

    Rotavirus is so scary. My sister had it when she was 3, she had a very harsh strain of it, I am not sure which strain though. She did nearly die, I was not allowed to go home for more then a week, to ensure I wouldn’t get it as well. I remember I was staying with family friends. And they took me to get my sister a card and some coloring books. But when we went to take them to her we had to slide them under the door. I didn’t see my mom or dad for over a week which was hard on me at the age of only 5. The doctors said it was a very odd, and extreme case, b/c usually children who get it dont get as bad as she did. But my sister has had a very naturally weak immune system since she was born. So they think that could of contributed to why she went from bad to terrible. My sister lost over 15 pounds and ended up when it was over looking rail thin, as if she had been starved. She even had to get a spinal tap and have an IV for fluids so she would not get dehydrated. My mother remembers her screaming like bloody murder when they did the spinal tap. They told my parents to wait down the hall in another room so they wouldn’t have to watch or hear her. My mother still heard her and cried about letting them do it to her. But she knew it was what needed to be done so she could live. She did survive obviously. But she did give us a scare. But yes Rotavirus can get to be seriously deadly and scary as hell.

    Great show guys! Hope Dr. Tossaint is on more often he is so intelligent and I love a man with a big brain! Love ya’ll!

  7. valhum says:

    Awesome show, again!!! Love Dr. Toussaint talk, i love it when cute guys are nerdy :oD

    Oh Fausto, i’ve been wanting to let you know about this docu i saw once, i believe it was called The Gift and it was about this dumb guy (sorry) who said that he was a bug chaser because he just wanted to have “the aids” already so he didn’t have to worry anymore. They were following him to “gift” parties and everyone was having bb sex, etc, etc.

    It was a very scary docu, just to think people would do that to themselves. Let me see if i can find a link for it :oD

  8. jimberly says:

    The Gift – a total piece of histrionic trash – IMHO

    It degrades gay men and hides the fact that the vast majority of HIV infections are not via “gift giving” or “bug chasing.”

    I saw the movie several years ago – and was asked to speak on a panel afterwards – and made my opinions very clear. I also HATED that they used an image of a “smoking penis” (think smoking gun) to promote the film….. Bad, bad bad…..

  9. valhum says:

    Well, i do not remember the film a lot since i saw it early in the decade (omg that makes me sound so old) when it was showing on IFC me believes but i just took it as one of those “they are showing another part of the culture” kinda docu.

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more Jim. Just because you are positive doesn’t mean you are a ticking time bomb just waiting to spread it around. Safer sex practices are a responsible way to not only protect the ones you love but takes the stigma out of being positive because the risk is so greatly reduced!

    I fell that movies that use this imagery is unfair and insulting.

  11. input your comment here…

  12. David says:

    Great show! I love it when you guys get nerdy. I must say Dr. Toussaint you are a very sexy nerd indeed 🙂

    I hope we hear you on again.

    I have to say to Marc and Fausto that this is a great service you are doing for the community and I only wish more people could benefit from this podcast as we all have.

  13. Why are people calling him nerdy? I think Brandon is as accessible and a party animal (from what I see him holding a cocktail in his profile). Just because you’re smart and knowledgeable doesn’t make you a nerd.

    However, I do find hot muscle nerds to be totally irresistible. By that I mean awkward guys who have a tough time socializing, but somehow manage to convey their sex appeal with their bodies or eyes:

    Muscle nerds are HOT!

  14. valhum says:

    Yes Fausto, that makes you a nerd!!!!! hahaha i kid i kid :oP

  15. Superboy says:

    damn…. Brandon and that muscle nerd are hot!

  16. RcktMan says:

    I’m 100% with you Fausto. I mean come on, Henry on Ugly Betty? Nerdy, cute, and RIPPED. Oh My GOD would I bed him in a heartbeat.

    Nerds are sexy. But I wouldn’t say that Brandon is a nerd. He’s just sexy and smart. And those are two great tastes that taste great together. 🙂

    That, of course, and that whole bottom thing… 😀

  17. Ha ha ha. You all flatter me too much. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

  18. Jake Snow says:

    Oh it is so nice to know that there are other gay biologist!! “A microbiologist huh? I”ll let you play with my eppendorf tube sometime. oh!” Sorry couldn’t pass up a good Mae West 😉 You did a great job explaining things! Keep up the good work and maybe I’ll see you at a conference some time!

  19. Loved the show! Thank you for having a more scientic explaination on HIV issues.

    My husband and I are very into fisting. He is bi-sexual. Most of the time he plays at
    men only parties and more often will play with two or three maybe 5 men by the end of the night. He is a safe sex thinker so he brings his own gloves and condoms to the parties. Thank you Mark for sticking up for the healthy sluts in the world.

    Mark also got it right that some fisting bottoms like my husband will stop eating food at about 12:00 PM to play at night and not have any issues for the top to deal with.

    I was surprised that it did not sound like Dr. Toussaint was into using the shower shot for cleaning up before hand. For us we have been using this form of cleaning up for years. In addition to being clean the process of using a shower shot seems to help relax the muscles.

    We have also used poppers for years and I think it does make a difference for some people. I find that those people who just stick the bottle under their noses do not really feel the effects of the poppers that well. So might make a difference in how the poppers are used.

    Thank you for a wonderful podcast and all the info you passed on to us

  20. To be VERY clear, Brandon is NOT a medical doctor or any other type of doctor.

  21. Jonzu says:

    Great show. Brandon, great talk. Thank you.

  22. Fisting? Eeek (faints.)

  23. Sorry about that Professors/doctors/ smart people that want to help spread knowledge and education.. it is all sexy.

  24. Robbie says:

    I really like this show, but to be honest, I’m just commenting so I can be one of the lucky ones to get a private message back.

    Seriously, Brandon’s pretty dreamy…

  25. CharlesVer33 says:

    He’s cute, that’s for sure!

  26. I really liked this show. I man not be a gay man (yay minority in a minority) but a lot of what Brandon had to say was very interesting.

  27. Hey there Mr. Toussaint – interesting show. Let me know if ever in Amsterdam, so we can do a show and tell of condom use. I give great roomservice…

  28. PureeTofu says:

    So wait, somebody PM me Brandon’s e-mail!!

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