FOF #799 – Blow Your Own Horn

Jul 15, 2008 · 1985 views

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We delighted to have hunky Indian man, Nirmalpal Sachdev back on the today’s show. You first fell in love with Nirmalpal on our inside tour of Steamworks, the men’s bath house that sponsors our show. […]


  1. Matt says:

    I cant wait to listen to this. Oh and I am sooooo making my boyfriend listen to the show on compliments. I tell my boyfirend, Gonzalo, that he is beautiful all the time, b/c he is 🙂 ,and b/c I love him. He always just says he’s not and laughs. I hope that show will help him. Lately I’ve been making him say, “Thank you” and then return the compliment and explain how I am whatever he compliments me on, just like I do. Because if you give a compliment to someone about something, then explain how they are what you complimented them on, it seems more sencere and people see it as more meaningful and legit, and thus makes them feel better. 🙂 Just like Amanda and Fausto taught me to. 😀 Cant wait to hear this! Downloading it now! Love ya’ll

  2. Well that gives me something interesting to do when I get home… (“oh, he had that kind of haircut in this… erm… nature film.”)

    I always enjoy the shows that involve steamworks. Mainly because I always feel like I wouldn’t be comfortable going into one (too much temptation, too perilous) and I love the idea of the tour and learning what-all technologies exist for a cleaner, safer, more enjoyable time.

    I keeps prudy, ol’ me from getting the wrong idea about the place.

  3. valhum says:

    Fausto, are the exercise u are doing from ??????? If so, that shit actually works, lol. I mention that because it is a 90 days workout and has a lot of that stuff.
    I actually lost weight, how much, no idea because i did not weight myself, dumb i know but i used to be a 40 waist and now i am using 36 and i am aiming at 34 for the Madonna concert in Mexico City, woohoo!!!
    Anyway, it does work and i am not even doing it 100%, lol.

  4. CharlesVer33 says:

    Amanda taught others on how to accecpt compliments? I find that hard to believe. Isn’t that the whole reason why she’s going on a transformation show, so she can start loving herself a little more? I for one can’t wait to see the transformation!

    Who’s that hot indian stud on your show? Grrrr! I might have to go to Steamworks now and release the pressure.

  5. The exotic “compliment” is the bane of my existence. You couldn’t get more archetypally Southern Cal than I sound (read surfer-ish speech).

    I love when you guys do the sex positive shows. I myself find the prospect of going to clubs and baths incredibly intimidating which is funny cause I’ve worked at several. Go figure. Nirmapal is a fabulous guest. I really enjoy when you have him on. Thanks guys!

  6. awww, Nirmalpal is so cute! He sounds and looks like such a nice guy. You should have him on the show more often.

  7. CharlesVer33 says:

    I agree Trickytoro- Feast of Fools is so awesome because they embrace gay people in all the shapes and colors this crazy rainbow comes in, including the color RED! Ha ha. Sluts unite!

    But seriously, use a condom. Proceed with caution.

  8. Nirmalpal says:

    Thanks for all your sweet words guys!!! Nirmalpal

  9. kna829 says:

    Fun show. Best in a while.

  10. Matt says:

    Great show! Love, Nirmalpal he was fabulous! Loved the chemistry! Very sexy and interesting show today!

  11. guys, lets face it, all bathhouses ARE dirty and creepy.
    I mean, cocaine is the barney’s of drugs, but it is still shit

  12. Juan, have you been to a bath house?

  13. yep, and to none other than the barney’s

  14. Nirmalpal says:

    No, binge drinking and hating on others is creepy. Get an open mind dude! Keep calling all that is part of our culture dirty and creepy, while many who hates gays call us “dirty and creepy”. You think you are any better to them because you are close minded about this one thing? Bathhouses have been around longer than you’ve been alive I’ll bet, and they offer a place to go that is removed from a bar and drugs. The fact that most gay men need alcohol or drugs ( and yes, marijuana is a drug) to feel okay with themselves before having sex…that’s dirty and creepy..

  15. jimberly says:

    I have met so many lovely men in bathhouses – some who became longtime partners and friends. ANY place can be dirty and creepy – and I know of specific bathhouses that fit that description quite well – but hello, there are plenty that are clean and well-managed. And clubs like Steamworks count MOST of the gay men in the cities in which they are located as members. I’d like to share a piece I wrote about a dear friend I met in a bathhouse in Bilbao, Spain. A couple of years later, I was invited to his wedding – a really incredible experience – and it all started in a bathhouse.

  16. Eric says:

    Thanks, Nirmalpal, for your and Steamworks’ support of organizations like BEHIV in helping to educate people at risk of HIV infection. You are doing good things by utilizing Steamworks’ unique position to provide information, testing and services for people who might not be able to access them elsewhere.

    Thank you again.

  17. It seems really strange to me that just about any major city has a good number of bath houses, enough that there’s at least healthy competition to actually make them want to improve on their services, keep them clean, make an effort with events etc. Any major city except one of the gay Mecas of the US: New York. I really REALLY wish we had a Steam Works or something like a bath house in NYC. Of the 2 places available here (both owned by the same company) you can’t really make one decent bath house. Might have to do with local laws, or all the red tape, or it’s just plain expensive, but these places really need some competition to get them to step up. I know if Steam works ever came to town, the other two places would soon go bankrupt. HELP Steam Works!! we need a real bath house in NYC!

  18. I’m still not too hot on sex in a bath house and have never done it yet. But I am hot for Nirmalpal, so maybe a private tour could fix that. Loved his cinematic oeuvre – I have studied it intensely.
    Speaking as a Dutchman: Why is there no Steam Works in Amsterdam by the way? There is one in Arnhem, but that is sort of bumfuckville compared to the capital.

  19. Steven, when you come to Chicago, I’ll take you there.

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