FOF #811 – What Fruit Are You?

Aug 4, 2008 · 1985 views

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I usually know who I am most of the time, but there are moments when I’m faced with choices that make me question not only my identity, but reality itself. What would you do? A […]


  1. OMG COME ON HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THAT PICTURE OF Ernest Borgnine. Give me a break! LOL LOL LOL. I don’t have a grandfather fetish. LOL

  2. xklebr8 says:

    Hey Tracy! We miss you! 😀
    btw Fausto (and Mark), I have PayPal but how do I contribute anonymously?

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    I love the Jason Smith photo of Marc and Fausto in their alley. Terrific super photo.

    And I have been the victim of confusing bathrooms signs and found myself using the ladies’ room a few times. There was a restaurant in Atlanta that played a joke on you with their bathroom signs. On the outside of the frosted glass it said Men’s but once inside it looked like it said Women’s on the back side of the door.

    I am sure Tracy’s pool guy is hotter than Ernest Borgnine. This was the best photo I could find of Ernest Borgnine as a younger man –

    Tracy, I love your sexcapades with all those horny suburbanites.

  4. Gary T says:

    I can’t wait to see you guys again, and meet Tracy. Too bad there aren’t many pools in San Francisco. Come on listeners, donate, lets make it happen.

  5. Saulo says:

    My god! Nice to hear you again Tracy!!! As always, a real delight…


  6. Antonio says:

    Make sure you go to “Quark’s,” the restaurant at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, and order either the “Warp Core Breach” or “Borg Sphere” (or both!) drinks. Each one is served in a fishbowl (share with a party of friends, or get loaded on your own) on a stand complete with steaming dry ice. And best, each drink is a mixture of several alcohols.

  7. The pool guy looks more like Ernest in his golden years as an actor:

    I think Tracy and Ernest make an adorable couple!

  8. welling1 says:

    omg, i laughed my butt off at the antics of Tracy Tyler!

  9. I am proud of you Tracy ! You can really make it to become “the whore of the building”. 😉

    I laughed so hard when you talked about the Asian girl, imagined how you crushed her.

    Better take care of the pool guy`s girlfriend, she might listen to the podcast as well and cannot wait to cut you into little pieces now.

    Love you !

  10. I don’t know what pool guy you thought I’m talking about Fausto but he has blond hair that is mostly buzzed off not black —- and those big black eye brows??? not even close to the pool guy. — LOL oh well it’s good for a laugh!

  11. Miss Renee (One of Tracy's Tranny Posse at Pool) says:

    Shameless in Schaumberg! Can’t wait for the next episode of Tracy and the Pool Guy! For the record, the pool guy is more of a Micky Rourke type character. Since I have first hand intelligence. I will have to shake my cookies (40DDs) next visit to Tracy’s pool. Get the pool guy on my radar, watch out Tracy!!!

  12. Teddy says:

    Tracy darling, you had me rolling off my chair this morning. Your antics are priceless and I love your unapologetic attitude about it all.

    You keep bagging those men!

    But seriously watch out for the girlfriends. Women be crazy…

  13. Marcus says:

    Marc, the time in the gym is showing. Yum!

  14. Miss Renee — girl!!! he’s FEIRCE — can you handle him???? (can I watch ???) LOL LOL LOL LOL — just kidding! you go with those new 40 DDs missy , you know I’m jealous!!!

  15. RcktMan says:

    Good Jesus, that pic is supposed to be of Tracy and ME! I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted! LOL … here’s the original (don’t know if it’ll work in the comments):

  16. pjs46 says:

    Badminton….loved that part

  17. Why do you think I used it Rick!? You guys made such a lovely couple! whoooo

  18. Oh and by the way, I think MOST people will think Ernest Borgnine to be cuter than Mickey Rourke ANY day, so comparing him to that skanky plastic surgery nightmare is an insult to Tracy’s romantic interest.

  19. there that’s him!!!!! that’s HIM!!!!!!!! —- THAT”S HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    —- no he’s much hotter !!!!!

  20. ahhh RIck no one can ever take the place of you in my heart or my favorite photographs of us 😀

    SMOOCH I love you Rick!!!

  21. Don’t you think you guys make a cute couple?

  22. RcktMan says:

    LOL I love you too Tracy 🙂 God that was a fun show… I always look forward to my dose of Stories By Tracy Tyler. I’m not sure if the pain I’m feeling is from laughing so hard or being swept away in a tornado. (Yeah it’s the laughing. 🙂 )

  23. RcktMan says:

    Holy Aging Poorly, Batman! Mickey Rourke is looking BAAAAAAAAAAD!

  24. xklebr8
    To donate anonymously, just follow the green button on the front of the site. Your name won’t pop up in the red box.

    Or just click here:

  25. Stephen says:

    Tracy you are truely perfection. I have been hanging out for your La Grandita Amy Winehouse youtube video.

  26. If we raise enough money to get us all out West, we’ll make sure to make that video!

  27. Matt says:

    I love Tracy! She is so fab. You go girl, get yourself some of them horny suburbanites. 🙂 I loved it when you mentioned Tracy lounging by the pool with opera glasses! OMG!! LOL I totally can see that. Picture it…. Tracy lounging by the pool in a red bathing suite, wearing diamonds and peals, hair done up in a fancy hair-do and her peering through golden opera glasses at boys across the pool. And then she licks her lips with a smirk, and says to her butler, “Charles bring me a martini.” Lol Priceless!! Great show boys and girl! Love you’ins

  28. that’s pretty much accurate except for the butler and my opera glasses are instead huge Jackie-O round sunglasses that almost cover my entire cheek and instead of my hair done up I sometimes wear a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face. and yes I’m usually painted while braising the heat LOL LOL

  29. I cannot get enough of Tracy’s naughty stories. More more more please! Love when she’s on the show. Thanks guys.

  30. xklebr8 says:

    thanks for the comment & email replies, Marc & Fausto. I hope my small contribution does help out a bit.

  31. Every bit helps. Thank you baby!

  32. Thanks to everyone who’s donating! It really means a lot to us, and helps make the show possible on many levels. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  33. Mike J says:

    Love you Tracy! You’re so funny.. and HOT! hehehe Don’t let the boys tease you too much about being a whore.. they’re just living vicariously through your escapades.. just like we the listeners are.. Can’t wait to hear about your next romp with the pool guy! Sexxxy!!

  34. ben Consoli says:

    Tracy Tyler is CAT needs to happen!!

  35. Oscar says:

    tracy, i love you girl

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