FOF #878 – Puerto Rican Truth or Dare

Nov 12, 2008 · 1985 views

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Lets talk about sex baby! On today’s Feast of Fools we’re getting jiggy with it as we examine the nature of three ways, rules for keeping it safe, sexy and fun. Marc always is telling […]


  1. Great show guys, loved the dynamic. The Truth or Dare codename brought back memories of my youth. I started having sex with my next door neighbour when I was 13, we were in the same class at school, so it was always referred to as “Playing Monopoly”. Like you said in the podcast, it started as a game and progressed…

    On a completely different subject I notice that the cast for the new season of “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” is announced and George Takei and Martina Navratilova are taking part. It would have been really gay if my husband’s school friend Richard Fairbrass had agreed to go on it too 🙂

  2. J-Public says:

    Selling the mugs again, Mark?

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Damn, all those truth or dare games could have led to sex! The most outrageous thing we would do is moon someone outside. Of course when I was 13, I was hooking up with a neighbor boy at least once a week. We would look at his dad’s Penthouse magazines, find spreads of 2 girls making out and then recreate the poses together.

    Love today’s triple Puerto Rican flavor. I’ll bet Jerry gets all the 3 way action he wants. WOOF!

    By the way, if you decide to bomb Georgia please give me a heads up. I want to push the button.

  4. RicoPablo says:

    I loves me some Puerto Ricans…!!!!

  5. steve610 says:

    lol im gay (16) and my friend is a lesbian, our friday night entertainment is to have a sleep over and invite some closet cases over. Spin the bottle is a life saver! because it gives the “straight” people an excuse to experiment…… everytime we both end up getting some…. its great! lol

  6. DantheMan says:

    Sexy show guys! Woof- Puerto Rican flavor!

  7. “Don’t do threesomes with a latino couple”… That was so funny. I loved todays chow.
    I laughed when you guys were role-playing at the bar. Especially when Fausto says “Excuse me where’s the bathroom, thank you”. Love the “theater of the mind” skits with the sound effects.

  8. CT says:

    We had a blast recording these 2 episodes! Thanks to Marc and Fausto for being great hosts and having endless humor! You deserve the podcast award! Thanks to all the listeners for their great comments and support- until next time!


  9. GusGus says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I thought that Gerry’s voice was so sexy. I really liked his “truth or dare” story; it was hot!! I have sometimes asked my friends about what they thought of threesomes and I’ve told them that I believe the reason that threesomes are not normal or “frowned” upon as because of the simple fact that someone usually always gets hurt or feels left out. Even in a relationship, let’s say you are a polygamist and everyone was okay with it; sooner or later, someone in that party would feel left out. I think that religion and social laws say that a relationship is between two people because it’s been established that we can’t overcome the fear or insecurity of having to share someone with another person.

  10. And I thought that it was only me who had played those games as a young teen!! I used to play that with a few of my older brothers friends. Was a very hot hot hot time!! Love the show kids. See you all soon!

  11. Hello all, I wrote this for a local Dutch (bilingual) gay magazine as part of a series of articles and thought it would be timely to post it here after hearing the show. Of course I haven’t tried ANY of this stuff myself and I am still a virgin.

  12. Jolisa says:

    Wow, Gerry’s voice…

    This show was lovely. I’ve always wondered about the mechanics of a threesome and the discussion was really illuminating.

  13. This was a good show! It was really fun when Gerry started doing the sexy disco voice scene, LOL.

    So many gay Puerto Ricans! Increíble…

    I prefer the term “Diasporican” that the poet Mariposa (María Fernández) came up with. (The poet Tato Laviera likes “AmeRícan.”) “Other Ricans” is more of a California thing that Aurora Levins Morales uses to distinguish between Nuyoricans (from New York) and the rest. But why be so in your face about being “Other”? I would rather just say “Rican” (or “queer Rican”)!!!



  14. I like the term Aurora used, so why not use it? It also suggest to me the feeling of being an outside inside your own culture.

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