FOF #879 – Rich Latin Flavor

Nov 13, 2008 · 1985 views

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Sazon! It means flavor in spanish. Today we continue our delicious latin flavored podcast with our queer Puerto Rican friends Carlos Torres and Gerry Peréz. Carlos talks about the upcoming documentary “A Sealed Fate” about […]


  1. Rich says:

    What is this about low voter turnout in SF? I just checked and it was reported around 78%, a record breaker. In addition, 75% of voters in SF voted NO on Prop 8. We may have a lot of stoners, but we’re not apathetic! on the overall turnout for results on specific measures (scroll down a bit for Prop 8)

  2. You’re right! We stand corrected. Our apologies.

  3. Jack says:

    I have to disagree with you Fausto. REAL fur is better than faux fur, they last longer with the proper care and they feel and look better. And they also keep you warm better than anything else. And NOT ALL fur products are from the wild. Most of them are from farms that breeds them for their fur. And encouraging people to damage people’s fur or fur product just because you don’t agree with them is wrong and you should know better than to tell people that. Its like if you were being attacked by vegetarians just because you eat meat. Also if you spray red paint on the fur, you not only damaging someone’s property you also FORCING them to buy a replacements which FORCE them to kill more animal which pretty much backfires your or anyone that is against fur(eg. PETA) plan to stop them. And just correction REAL fur products don’t come cheap. They range from a few $1000s for fur scarves to $10,000-100,000 for a quality fur coat that is well made and design. And there are a lot of people who their livelihoods are depending on people buying their fur and fur products. So please don’t bash people, who love real fur, you don’t see me going around spraying red paint on you or anyone who is against fur. You should know better.

  4. I like fur although I am aware it is a cruel business. But so the meat industry. In Russia you can get the best quality fur clothes at a very good price because it is the largest market for fur. A good quality coat for about 2000$, a jacket for less than 1000$.

    Madonna should not get another child. I doubt she really would care about it, maybe she just adopts children from developing countries to feel good about herself.

  5. CT says:

    I agree PETA’s tactics are pretty harsh when it comes to dealing with fur. Their tactics are synonymous with home-grown terrorism at times. That’s why I backed the Humane Society with this particular movie. Please understand there is absolutely no humane way of getting fur even if they are bred on farms. The animals are subjected to cruel torture in order to get the fur and they are still alive while the fur is removed from them. As far as people’s livelihoods depending on the purchase of fur it depends on geography. What I was talking about was the baby seal fur at this time of year in Nova Scotia, the sealers may walk away with an average of $1000 for 1-2 weeks of work because of the cap the Canadian government places on the hunting of the baby seals. This is supplemental income for them at best. The meat industry is cruel as well but with the efforts the Humane Society is putting forth lots of exposure has been made on these animals and their living conditions and ultimately its the meat eating population that will suffer because of this since the meat industry is only looking to make $$$ not for the health of the population at large. I suggest a movie called EARTHLINGS narrated by Joaquin Pheonix that is not your general propoganda film but an honest look at how human beings are cruel to animals.

    Thanks for your input!

  6. Speaking about FOF t-shirts. Can you make more t-shirts in M size next time?

  7. “Nigel PLEASE!”
    Why everybody be all up on a Nigel?

  8. Jack says:

    Christian83 where do you get these cheap fur coats? last time I check Holt Renfrew sell fur jacket/coats for $10,000 and up. and a scarf was $2400. Maybe you are talking about jackets with fur trims.

  9. No, real fur jackets. You can get them in Russia, of course not in Moscow or the main cities where the prices already went up. But in the small cities you can get them for a real good price.
    They have huge farms there and people there have always worn fur coats, clothes due to the cold winter.

  10. I’m bisexual, I’m Christian, and I’m Taoist (figure that one out). I’ve been hearing a lot about “Christian fundamentalists”. This idea bothers me. It bother’s me on a very fundamental level. I refuse to call anybody that promotes hate and violence a “Christian”. The very idea makes me sick to think about. Christianity is about love and accpetance and forgiveness. Even if something is seen as a sin according to the bible the bible also says to forgive and not pass judgement. So people that commit and condone and promote acts of violence and hatred are not, and I mean NOT, Christian and to reffer to them as Christian insults the very lifestyle and beliefe system and religion that I have based my life on, a lifestyle based on love and forgiveness and acceptance. I hope that when these “Christians” get to heaven they are shown a greater amount of compasion and forgiveness than they have shown in this life.

  11. SAL-E says:

    I only wear REAL MUPPET FUR!
    Love ya

  12. Lee says:

    As a Canadian I get a bit bent out of shape when people discuss the “issue” of the seal hunt without a lot of information. The seal hunt itself is not done for the purposes of gathering fur or meat. It is done for the purposes of population control. On the Atlantic coast of Canada the seal is actualy the most prolific preditor around. There are no significat preditors to control thier population naturaly. If one goes further north there are of course polar bears to cull the population, but we can thank global warming for decimating thier population.

    If seals were left to thir own devises they would breed to a point were fish stocks were se decimated that there was a massive culling through starvation. What woudl people say about hundreds of thousands of dead seals washing up on shore every year? We could certainly leave it up to mother nature to take care of everything, but she is just as grousome as as, maybe even more so and what about the colateral damage as well.

    I think the practive of killing off cute little baby seals is a very easy target for people who want a cause. Who wouldnt want to save those cute little seals, but maybe we should give some thought as to why the pracice is done and why even after 20 years of protest and outrage it is still done. It certainly is not for the proffit, as was said on the show thre is little wealth in the job or the practice.


  13. matt says:

    Jerry DOES have a seductive voice. He had me at hello.

  14. A YouTube video about the massacres of baby seals.

    It is also terrible to kill them for population control. And no matter what we do as a species – we will have a profound impact on our environment – even if our intentions are for good or for bad. No matter what we do – we all will never agree on one thing. We are all unique and have our own ideas and opinions. And I do respect the idea of killing baby seals to control their population and I do respect the opinions of others on the matter, however, I do not agree with that approach. That is just my personal opinion.

    Killing animals just for sports and/or for profit (fur, ivory, etc…) other then to survive is just plain wrong and very cruel to the animals that are involved. However, for some people, that is their livelihood. Their only means to support their families – put food on their table – put clothes on their back – and put a roof over their family’s heads. That is their way of surviving in this world.

    No matter what we do on any political issue, we will never truly please everyone on one side or the other.

  15. Explain to me why people only want to talk about fur when the show was about so many other things??? LOL

    OK, #1 Thanks for the shout out! That was amazing.

    #2 That karaoke version of Preciosa was wrong, but funny! Marc was right. LOL

    #3 I like La Bruquena in Humboldt Park. (2726 W Division St)

    #4 The whole secret of sazón is adobo, especially if you can make your turkey taste like roast pork (in other words, turn that pavo into a pavochón!!!!) That’s the best. LOL



  16. CT says:

    Viewing party date has changed to January 7, 2009, feel free to email me @ for additional information. Thanks! CT

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