FOF #1330 – Get Your Butt Out of the Sand

Feb 16, 2011 · 1985 views

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Your body is a magical wonderland waiting to be explored, but proceed with caution because risks may be lurking around the backside. You can’t just stick your butt in the sand and pretend there’s nothing behind there to deal with.

Today health advocate Jim Pickett joins us to answer your vital questions about your butt.


  1. I love q-tips in my ear too! Marc, I thought I was the only one. Does that make me an aural bottom?

  2. Angela says:

    As for GLAAD only being about money and power, director and bear expert Malcolm Ingram seems to agree. He talked about it on his own podcast Blow Hard a few weeks ago; I had to Google to find textual evidence of what he said. It sounds suspiciously like GLAAD tried to shake down his friend and colleague Kevin Smith over anti-gay humor in one of his films. To quote from the linked article:

    “I was living in [Kevin’s] house when I came out and he was releasing Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back [and was getting in trouble with GLAAD]. They said, ‘If you don’t give us money we’re gonna come against you so hard.’ I said, ‘Hey, I’m gay and I live here and have dinner with his family and his child.’ But the GLAAD guy Scott didn’t believe that I was gay and started asking me questions like he was gonna trap me.”

    Further quotage: “GLAAD is a fucking joke. It’s a bunch of upper-class gay men who throw fundraisers so they can pat themselves on the back without dealing with very deep issues.”

    Harsh words!

  3. mododavid says:

    Ok, the science. “Silicone-based” means the gel polymer is made of silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and maybe oxygen. While silicone is slimy, it is not an element. Silicon is the pure element, and it is a shiny, blackish, brittle, rock-like solid – not slimy. “Water-based” gels have a cellulose of glycerol (glycerine) base. Silicone-based gels rock because they don’t dry out as quickly and they are much more viscous even in elevated temperatures (which is not a typical property of gels or lubes) due to hydrophilic and other colloidal properties. With respect to biochemistry, silicone is relatively inert or unreactive in the body, so it’s not easily absorbed into the body….and away from his dick. Water-based gels, however, thin easily and are readily absorbed by the body (that IS what the intestines are for – absorbing nutrients and/or water, and the large intestine is especially good at absorbing water – that’s its primary function = drying poop. Lubing cocks is only it’s secondary function. lol)

    Glass is made of oxygen and silicon (pronounced silic-ON) not silicone (pronounced silic-OWN, fuck – Oprah’s advertising EVERYWHERE!) This oxygen and silicon compound comprising glass is silica. This has almost nothing to do with silicone.

    With respect to Marc’s comment about pH. Sodium chloride or table salt is neutral, neither an acid or base. It does not affect pH AT ALL – not even a little. The water netty pot probably threw off your electrolyte balance when it didn’t have salt, which is essentially what dude said. Your cells can easily become shrivelled or bloated when exposed to a solution of a different salt concentration. [Look up hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic solutions if you wanna know more.]

  4. Tim says:

    I have a question for Jim:

    Are there any health risks to using soap or bodywash as lube when having anal sex in the shower? I think I read that it wasn’t good for your a-hole, yet my boyfriend insists its fine and we haven’t noticed any problems.

  5. Jim Pickett is an awesome guest. He has great information and explains things so well. Great show as always! btw, I know Jim is taken but I have to say, he’s such a cutie!

  6. jimberly says:

    Thanks for the sugar, David 🙂

    And Tim – to answer your question – you should NOT NOT NOT use soap or bodywash as lube. BAD BAD BAD for the tender booty.

    Use condom compatible lubes – silicon or water-based. Anything else is a bad idea.

    • What about Crisco? I heard it used to be really popular in the 1970s as anal lube. Today you can’t use it with latex condoms, so as far as anal protection goes it’s a no-no, but still some guys use it with their own love toys.

  7. Jon says:

    Wow I heard they still used Crisco for films.
    Didn’t know it was risky though.

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