FOF #1728 – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Jan 25, 2013 · 1985 views

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Brrr! A new craze is sweeping the internet during these chilly winter months– people are posing naked for pictures in the snow.

The trend started with two British ladies taking pics of themselves in their bra and panties out in the cold and now it’s snowballed, with all sorts of cyber nudists showing of their wintery shrunken private parts in a futile battle against nature.


  1. I want to hear interviews with…
    Alaska. I love Sharon to death but I’d really love an interview with Alaska only. She needs some air time of her own.
    Detox. I’ll have to bug her on Facebook about it.
    Also, interview with Mathu, YES YES GOD YES PLEASE SWEET JESUS YES. I don’t even care how he does Rupaul’s makeup. He is brilliant and very very funny.

    As for that photo challenge, I really felt for Jinkx and Alaska. I’ve never been underwater and I can’t swim. I would have been a mess. Alaska seemed overall very “off”, but I hope and think she will settle down and be more herself soon. Also, Fausto, you’re actually right for once! You definitely won’t see her going anywhere anytime soon. 😉

  2. Commenting on Captain Sulu… Captain Sulu had a family and a daughter ST: Generations… Making Sulu gay would have to be addressed on his family construct, wouldn’t it?

  3. Avatar Than says:

    Regarding Star Trek, so there’s no gay people 300 years in the future, but there’s fat old bald people? Really? Obviously someone at Paramount didn’t think the world was ready for gay equality and was on the wrong side of history. There was a ton of romance, way to much for my taste, interspecies dating, but no gay romance.

    Regarding Star Wars, I don’t even want to talk about Star Wars. Star Wars is overrated. I don’t understand the popularity. Star Wars is scifi for people who don’t like to have to think too much.

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