FOF #2083 – Ting a Ling a Ling

Nov 17, 2014 · 1985 views

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There are a lot of strange words used to describe or insult gay men: fruits, cock jockeys, donut punchers, Oaklahomos and bone smugglers. But ultimately our favorite slur word is “ting a ling a ling” a phrase that everyone credits to Homer Simpson, but ultimately can be traced back to Dean Martin’s song “That’s Amore.”

Today, Brian Sweeney is back from the dead to talk about our favorite slur and slang words used for gay men.


  1. Than says:

    AHHHH!! YES! I was so fucking pissed they cut Tom Bombadil from those awful fucking LOTR movies, and then they stretch out The Hobbit into three terrible films that still don’t include Tom Bombadil and the incident at the Barrow-downs.

    Good to have you back, Brian. We missed you.

  2. Welcome back Brian!!

    re: bean queen. I prefer guacamole queen. Mexicans come in all shades and spices, just like guacamole.

    related to that, i’ve always wondered if its ok to say rice queen, potato queen, etc, why isn’t it ok to say fried chicken queen or okra queen?

    I’m not suggesting we stop saying rice queen, et al, i’m suggesting we be equal opportunity offenders.

  3. Such a treat, having Brian Sweeney back on the show! He is a walking encyclopedia of pop culture! And funny to boot. Great show! Sorry to hear half an hour got lost, but you more than made up for it!

    I was recently at a hotel bar in Connecticut overhearing a woman tell a story about working in a jewelry store in Salem, Massachusetts, and describing how she did not like the “weird” cliente that came by especially near Halloween (goths, Wiccans, etc.). To which this looser guy at the bar replied:

    –I thought all the fruits and nuts went to California.

    I was so surprised I was left speechless. It was pretty funny, in its pathetic homophobic way. All the fruits and nuts indeed! And in Connecticut they have gay marriage!

    Of course the bartender had just been telling us that the hotel had just hosted a furries convention the previous weekend, and a horror film convention before that. Of course I thought he said porn film convention, but no such luck!

    Oh Connecticut…

  4. Hooray! He’s Alive! Brian’s Weenie is great! Best wishes on getting out of the dumps.

  5. Not crazy about this show guys. Trial by public opinion? Anyone remember the McMartin Preschool case? Lindy Chamberlain? Maybe he’s guilty, I don’t know. Neither does Brian Sweeney…

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