FOF #2111 – My Addiction to Madonna

Feb 5, 2015 · 1985 views

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As Adam Guerra, Venus D Lite appears on the latest episode of My Strange Addiction to come to terms with his obsession with Madonna, which is so bad that his boyfriend and mom are begging him to stop.

Listen as we talk about why gay men go gaga for strong blond female performers, the evolution of drag as a result of Drag Race, and Adam’s boyfriend’s secret past on Feast of Fools!


  1. Something seemed a little disingenuous about this interview…and not because of Fausto or Marc. Fishy in a non-glamazon sort of way. Just my thoughts.

  2. Hazri says:

    I got a feeling Venus was not comfortable with herself and was not ready for the line of questioning Fausto and Marc was giving her.

  3. I think Venus may have crossed a line in her obsession with Madonna, being that she has also adopted her interview style! Both Madonna and Venus seem equally withholding in their interviews, constantly gauging their audience to be sure they sound smart and are liked, but it always comes across as withholding, defensive and insecure.

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