FOF #2122 – I Danced with Madonna

Feb 25, 2015 · 1985 views

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In 2012, Chicago Lawyer Shaun Sperling uploaded a twenty year old video of himself dancing to Madonna’s song Vogue at his Bar Mitzvah. The video went viral, with over 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Listen as we talk with Shaun about how Madonna and her music ultimately helped him find himself, life after the media spectacle and squeezing the juice out of his 15 minutes of fame.


  1. Inga says:

    Hey, just wanted to say, that I haven’t been able to view the comments in firefox for some time now. I just checked using the internet explorer – and while I can see the comments – a javascript error pops up.

  2. Federico says:

    Great interview! I agree: there was an awkward moment in the Ellen video.

    It’s incredible how things on TV are not organized in advance. I was once interviewed live on TV here in Italy and I was basically thrown into the studio, put in front of the cameras with no idea what was going to happen.

    Shaun is so much fun!

  3. colaboy29 says:

    Loved the episode! Shaun was a great guest. Sad to hear Ellen is a jerk in person but so glad to hear Judith Light is the opposite!

  4. Than says:

    I have no desire to be interviewed by Ellen. It’s not every gay man’s dream to be famous and on Ellen.

    Fausto, now, you have to explain to your audience of mostly 20-somethings who Bob Newhart is.

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