FOF #2166 – Sexy Science

May 21, 2015 · 1985 views

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We love to talk about scientific studies that examine gay men, but we seldom if ever get a chance to actually talk the people who do the research.

Well, today that’s changing with our guest, Teddy Semon, a human sexuality researcher at Northwestern University, who tries to figure out what turns men on by hooking their dicks up to a machine which records how aroused they are by erotic stimulus, like porn.


  1. Luis says:

    Well, that is one hot guest.

  2. golly gee all that was all very complicated, but we can’t expect it to be so simple, hell, I’m sure it’s 10x more complicated for non-gender specific, non-binary, or even just folks who weren’t born with a penis. I don’t even know how I would describe my own sexuality…I’ve always known I prefer men, if I were to somehow take this test I know I would be a 0 when it came to watching lesbian porn because I have zero sexual attraction to women in sexual scenarios, but I would prolly score a 6 to two dudes fucking.

    I know many women enjoy gay porn, but I get the sense I enjoy it more in a way that gay man would enjoy gay porn vs. how a cis woman would enjoy it? if that makes any sense. It doesn’t really, but there would be times on the internet were I would see women talking about things they didn’t like in gay porn and I would think to myself “I am totally into that” You guys have brought up how more and more gay porn has all these set up scenes and talking between the guys before the sex starts to appeal to women, but i’m not about that at all, I just want to see the fucking. I’ve come to realize this from following gay porn tumblrs *cough cough*

    that all being said, I have no body dysmorphia or any desire to transition to being a transman, I’ve thought it over many times, but I really don’t have an ounce of desire in me to do so, which I consider a positive thing, because I’ve seen how body dysmorphia can turn people’s lives to hell, and I guess there is also a fear that if I ever tried to transition I would just hate myself and feel like I made a mistake. So I’m content with my gender, although I might have led a happier existence if I were born a gay boy. oh well.

  3. teacher44 says:

    I tuned in to this episode idly, not really expecting to be particularly interested. As a gay woman, dicks are not very high up on my list of hot topics. But this turned out to be a really fascinating conversation, as you got into the complicated nuances of various gender/sexual identities and expressions. Not to mention some probably unavoidable humorous moments- “I take dick seriously. Everybody should.” Hilarious.

  4. Thanks for one of the BEST episodes in a long time. I’m fine with all the drag queen stuff but after a while one wants some variety. This guy was so articulate and interesting as a guest, I wanted to hear more. I hope you have him back again sometime. I also think that he was a good guest in that he got both of you equally involved in the discussion and held his own when challenged on issues. He neither dismissed your observations nor fell over himself agreeing with you if he had a varying opinion. I liked the flow very much — especially as the podcast went on. Fausto didn’t seem to feel the pressure to keep the conversation going that sometimes comes across in some podcasts (and is true with a few guests). Just wanted to say thanks again for a really good one. Rob

  5. Coltron says:

    I am grateful that Teddy mentioned AVEN. I have been considering whether or not I am asexual or not. But it seemed so black and white. I just looked it up after hearing about it and finally have a little more idea of my own sexuality – something that I have been trying to figure out forever. I have never been the same as other people when it comes to sex. But there is a gray zone! And under that umbrella of “Gray-A”, I think the term that best describes me would be demisexual. It feels so great to have a word for what I am. ^_^

  6. Michael says:

    This was a difficult podcast due to the nuances evident in the whole subject. I have always known I was attracted to men and like Fausto completely unattracted to women, however my “dislike” of women (physically) meant that I never wanted to be like one – so although not a jock I always identified as being a masculine person – never dressed up in my mother’s clothing or such like. When I came out at 30 all my family were surprised and had never even considered me being gay….. amazing to me as I never had a girlfriend (and had been secretly boning my best friend – a real jock!!! – at high school for a period of 10 years). There again my schooling was at a single sex school so I never came across many girls.

    What FoF has helped me with is to learn tolerance for the drag queen culture – something I had always been dismissive of – to such an extent that I have become a real fan of RPDR and love most of the queens as they are nearly all highly intelligent and genuine people and I love listening to your shows with them and yes Ru Paul is a God!! So this has led to me learning all about the other shades/nuances of sexuality and made me think more about the challenges for our trans sisters/brothers something that I had never really considered since it seemed so far from my own experience/feelings.
    As Teddy said, the differences in any community follow a bell curve and sexuality is on several scales and just because I know I am a 6 in terms of attraction to guys – I still present as a masculine guy (though of course very sensitive!!!) and feel no compunction to feminise (?) myself.
    Oh then you brought up the hoo-ha over my compatriot Russel Tovey and it led me to think more about the environmental factors. I would hope that gays from now on would no longer have to think his thoughts as the tolerance in our society is advancing so rapidly – so who cares!!!!!!

    Oh and well done Ireland – I never thought this would happen in my lifetime but the Catholic church was really shafted over it s arrogance over covering up all those horrible paedophile priests. Panty Bliss is a real hero – do watch her TED talk done last year – so true then and hopefully not true any longer…

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