FOF #2171 – All Hail the New Queens

Jun 2, 2015 · 1985 views

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Spoiler alert! In what’s sure to be a controversial decision, RuPaul crowned Violet Chachki America’s Next Drag Superstar, over two audience favorites, Pearl and Ginger Minj.

Joining us today to talk about the upset, is our fried chicken goddess Trannika Rex, whose finger licking good episode of Cooking with Drag Queens is getting her lots of attention, mostly from people sending her pictures of their latest fried chicken creations or cheeky naked photos.


  1. Kay Nas says:

    I’m going to have to disagree that it was controversial. I thought Violet was the safest bet. Pearl didn’t have a good enough run on the show to back up her win and Ginger might’ve had the fellow Ru queen support but she didn’t have the social media support at all going into the finale. She was third behind them on that aspect. Violet was second to Pearl with the fans and had a better run than both of them combined so it was going to go to her

  2. colaboy29 says:

    I am finished with RuPaul’s Drag Race. And if your thoughts on it being who can draw in the most money for the tours makes it even worse. Ginger was the most talented; Violet was just cunty; and Pearl was too wishy-washy. I won’t be wasting space on my DVR for future seasons of this show. #ThroughWithRu

  3. I agree with Kay Nas, Pearl had a lot of support in the social media, but she definitely did not bring it on the show. Her runways were great in the first half of the season, but got repetitive the last half. I know she can pull off great looks based on her Instagram, but maybe the amount of time they get to do the looks affected her ability to execute them. She was also in the a couple times and did not lip sync well, and her performance in the challenges were definitely pretty low.

    Ginger performed great in the challenges, but did not have the greatest runways. Her appearance on the show was also received poorly by the audience since it seemed like she was being shady out of insecurity more than it being out of love. This was especially noticeable for people who saw Untucked. This could have been out of stress, or it could have been shady editing (which was rampant this season). It seems like a lot of the queens loved her, so there’s definitely something the audience doesn’t know.

    Violet was definitely the safest bet because she had a good amount of support social media wise. Her runways looks were some of the most amazing out of any season, and was even reviewed well by Raven/Raja’s Fashion Photo Reviews. Her edit got better in the middle (again, especially if you saw Untucked) since she realized she was coming off as a bitch and tried to fix that attitude. Even Mrs. Kasha Davis and Katya noticed how she changed towards the end.

    Although like y’all said, who ever gets called back and is loved the most will get the biggest billing. Katya is definitely going to be up there, I definitely think she had it all to win. RuPaul’s fakedout of a Katya win at the end of the finale was soooo upsetting, but soooo funny!

  4. Curtis says:

    You know how much I love you guys. I’m going to venture to guess that the drinking before taping and your disappointment in Ginger losing perhaps impacted the show. There was something distinctly negative about every part of your disicussion of Drag Race that just felt, well off. I was hoping for a fun celebratory episode to wrap up the season (I kind of see you as an unofficial companion piece). Now I don’t think you need to kiss any ass or be a PR arm for logo or WOW or anything like that, but there was a sourness to your discussion that just didn’t sit well. Your cynical prognostication for the motives for chosing Violet were deeply unfair to her. Did you see her performance last night? She KILLED. I was voting #TeamPearl but honestly Pearl’s lipsynch was just blah. Ginger performed really well but both of her looks were literally the worst looks of the evening.

    When all the former contestants came parading out I was thinking “Damn these girls have upped their game, the gowns, the hair, they all looked amazing. Then Ginger came out in that sad skirt with a piece of chiffon just kind of tucked into her waist. That was the kind of drag I did as child with no budget and no sewing. It was not worthy. Frankly it wasn’t worthy of a pageant in Iowa City. Her performance gown was even worse. The color combination of what came off as beige and a terrible sad shade of blue was just not good. It had no style to it, no glamour, no pizzazz. Her looks all season were dull. Add to that the aforementioned failure on social media and I totally understand her not winning.

    Violet on the other hand dazzled in every possible way. The looks were stunning, original, high fashion extravaganza eleganza masterpieces. She charmed in her interview without having to have a weepy backstory of abuse and absent love. Her performance was riveting and flawless. She totally won me over. I had shifted to #TeamViolet before they even announced the winner.

    I just think it is beyond cynical to say that the only possible explanation for picking her was that she can do an aerial act. She would be part of that tour regardless – all the finalists and Trixie, Katya and Kennedy will definitely be part of it.

    • I haven’t listened to the show yet, but I can’t imagine their reaction being as bad as it was when Alaska Thunderfuck lost. Holy shit, in all my years of listening to this show, that episode almost made me stop listening to it because here was Fausto, a grown-ass man, acting like an immature teenage girl throwing a temper tantrum because she didn’t get what she wanted. It was embarrassingly cringeworthy and probably one of the lowest points in FOF history. Hell, I don’t even watch the show, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about how bad it was.

  5. ahlmkim02 says:

    Let’s be honest, Ginger was not even popular at all compare to pearl or violet. look at their social media following (that directly impacts the result). pearl got bunch of backlashes because of her manipulated story lines and ‘talent’ or whatever. and again, basically nobody below 35 liked ginger so violet was the safest bet for them.
    Katya was the most popular with no doubt but they fucked that up, so violet was the one who could defuse all that bullshit surrounding this season TBH

  6. colaboy29 says:

    How long do youthink it take Bianca Del Rio to put on that freaking amazing “jewel” makeup?

  7. Alan says:

    All hail the new Supreme! #CaitlinJenner

    I really thought Ginger was a blast when you guys had her on the show, but on Drag Race she was a bit salty for my taste. Maybe it was the editing, I don’t know. I still believe she’s incredibly talented and I hope to see her live soon! But no one does shade like Bianca does shade. Pearl’s drag was adequate at best. I was surprised to see her in the top 5 let alone the top 3. I think she’s definitely grown and sharpened her persona. Her musical number in the finale was by far my favorite, but I think there were plenty of other more talented and capable queens who left before their time to keep Pearl in the race. If Pearl’s drag had been on this level from the first episode, I would have understood; but this was too little too late in my opinion. The drag gods were -far- too kind with her. As much as I love and respect Vivacious I strongly disagree with her ‘in defense of Pearl’ speech, I think she was kept in the competition for this long because the producers thought her mug would be good for ratings. Didn’t Ru herself say something to that effect? Violet; love her or hate her (I love her, I think she’s wonderful) is a drag prodigy. She’s 21 and she already has the aesthetic sophistication of a seasoned icon. It’s incredible. I don’t remember this being addressed in the show, but is she self-taught? Her skill is breathtaking, no pun intended! And as far as her personality goes, remember Serena ChaCha? Late teens and early 20s are a bratty/pretentious/confusing time for a lot of us. But, unlike Serena; Violet showcased time and time again a willingness to learn, grow, and evolve. I think she -is- the future of drag. She stands on the shoulders of giants. And let’s cut her some slack, let’s not forget Violet is just now coming out of the age of High School pep rallies and frat parties. Compared to some of her peers, I’m sure she’s a class act. If Katya couldn’t take the crown, I’m glad Violet did. Next time she poses with the Drag Race crown in front of her mirror, it will -actually- belong to her! I wanna hear from Sharon on this!

    Also, I love Max! But really I feel like he should come out of her shell. I feel like he is a shy introvert wearing this fabricated persona 24/7. There’s talent and star quality in there. She’s like a benevolent siren. I find her magnetic. But once she draws you in; there’s no punch-line. As soon as she said ‘Disney Sharon Needles’ in the Snatch Game episode, I was like: oh-oh, someone’s gonna be in the bottom. Gurl, it’s time to step your pussy up!

    By, Judy Garland! Be still my beating heart, is that… is that, a different silhouette on Bianca del Rio? Well, now I’ve seen it all. Lol, no but seriously, she looks stunning! #SlayMama
    Ginger looked her best in that black dress too, I think.

    I love you guys, keep up the great work!!!

  8. well after listening to this all I have to say is please never again tape a podcast while drunk. That was painful to get through at times, but I listened to this at the gym so I was half concentrating on my workout. Drunk guests can be amusing, but jeesuz, Fausto drunk, don’t think so. Especially a whiny Fausto upset over a TV show. Anyhoo…When I first saw the Vanity Fair cover I had no idea who it was because it was on a lil Tv screen at the gym on one of the machines. What an amazing transition. She certainly did blow up twitter, your galpal Michelle Visage called out that punk Drake Bell for tweeting a transphobic tweet at Caitlyn. He deleted the tweet, but with the power of the screenshot it will live on forever muwaha

  9. GaryS says:

    Ok, so here’s my take on Violet’s win.
    Violet was confirmed as ‘Next Drag SuperStar’ early in the season and we just missed it. Her hair and face always looked very good. She held her own in the lipsync, acting and dancing categories. Violet prob had the best fashion since Raja. Her looks were creative, chic, trendy, and she had a fierce ‘runway walk’. Stunning.
    But on episode 5, Isaac Mizrahi anointed Violet, and Frame, the “Modern Queens”. And that was it! This season was all about the ‘Modern Queen’. What is a ‘MQ’ as interpreted by WoW? 1) The ‘MQ’ has no friends. This is the first time the winner did not have friends or a develop a team to work with during the show: think Bianca, Adore, and Cortney, or the ‘Heathers’. 2) A ‘MQ’ does not have catch phrases. Season 7 was over flowing with them! Flazéda! But Violet contributed none. 3) A ‘MQ’ has no back ground, or history. We found out nothing about Violet’s back ground during the show. Though reluctance to play we’ll with others and nastiness was mentioned a lot, they showed us nothing of it. Her nastiness, if any was definitely edited out. 4) A ‘MQ’ is young! Violet is second youngest only to Tyra Sanchez. There was also a lot of ‘sniping’ at the ‘older queens’. They kept showing the limitedly talented KandyHo making cracks at Tempest and Mrs Davis’ age. Also, when the 29, maybe 28 year old at the time Ginger Minj calls herself one of the “Bitter Old Lady Brigade’ we are in big trouble. And most importantly 5) A ‘MQ’ is supremely confident.
    I think the producers did Violet, RPDR and us a HUGE disservice by taking this ‘Modern’ approach. Most of my friends were bored and wondered why they weren’t ‘engaged’ with this season. You can admire an artist’s talent and beauty, but you won’t LOVE them if you don’t develop a relationship with them. Almost all the winners up to this point are LOVED because of their personality and that they are in a relationship with their audience.
    Bianca needs to be sassy with you, Jinx is the goofy girl-next door who just wants you to love her. Sharon, the ‘goth’ needs to freak you out, etc.
    Violet doesn’t need a shoulder (us) to cry on, she has her own.

    And btw Boys, about your podcast…… you need to do MORE of them drunk!!! I thought it/you were Fab! And imagine that you edited some of it out! Bastards! You need to do a live podcast sometime. Drunk of course. xoxoxo

  10. Nina says:

    Left a long comment, but it isn’t here. Oh well.

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