FOF #2182 – In the Kitchen with Lola Von Miramar

Jun 21, 2015 · 1985 views

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Today, Lola Von Miramar, the only drag queen in our series with a Ph.D. (and that’s not just piled high and deep) joins us to talk about the delicious things that didn’t make it into her Cooking with Drag Queens episode.

Throughout his life, Larry has been told he would make a wonderful drag queen but he resisted the call of the wild because of the stigma associated with cross dressing but in summer 2010 he relented and dove right in.


  1. agrimi01 says:

    I have to say, I love listening to your show. It’s the first thing I listen to when I get to work. Your show is so much fun that I almost get sad when it’s over.

    Have a great time at Pride. Minneapolis Pride is this weekend. Hope it doesn’t rain:)

    Love you.

    Jim C

  2. Hi! Thanks for interviewing me (as Lola von Miramar) and for the amazing Cooking with Drag Queens video: How to Make Arroz con Pollo! Towards the end of the podcast Fausto mentions a dish he would like to make and I compare it to pastelón, a Puerto Rican baked dish with layers of mashed root vegetables and ground beef (picadillo). I also spoke about pionono, a dish made with plantain strips and ground beef. Here is a nice recipe with many photos in case any listeners are curious!

    • Here’s a photo of Pastelón which looks a lot like a lasagna made with plantain instead of pasta:

      My version is more like a shepherd’s pie, which has mashed yucca root on top, then baked which results in a delicious (and very filling) meaty casserole.

      • love the regionalism! this word doesn’t exist in mexican spanish, but if it did it would mean “huge cake”. 😀

      • Eggggzelent show!

        one question. what’s wrong with the English word “Latin’. i think i’m the only person who hates the word “latino” when speaking English. here’s why.

        1. there’s already a perfectly good word in English. We don’t refer to a German as Duetsch or a Japanese as a nihonjin.
        2. people don’t understand that latino is an abbreviation for latinoamericano, which modifies latino. So, an italian is latino (the original latin!).
        3. this phrase, which appears in the media all the time, really really bothers me (especially we referring to an election): The Asian-American, African-American and latino (fill in vote, community, etc). I identify first and foremost as an American without a hyphen. But since americans insist on hyphens, i’ll be the first to say latin american american is way too long. Here’s my suggestion: American of (latin/african/asian/european) descent.

        american is first, then modified.

        while i’m on my porch yelling at everyone to get off my lawn, i’m sure i’m the only person who hates the term “people of color”. if colored is offensive i don’t understand how adding a preposition deletes the offense. Plus, white is a color too. my solution, non-european. that also solves the problem of white latins, who aren’t captured by the term person of color (fausto and my partner, both of which are white, latin and blue eyed).

        get off my lawn! 😀

        and now back to your regularly scheduled pride celebrations!

      • I vote for Latin-American-American, lol.

      • The people of color vs colored people is really a debate over what’s considered the default mode. Shea Couleé talked about this early on in one of our podcasts.

        Because white pumpkins are considered unusual, it’s not prejudicial to orange pumpkins. Black folks sometimes have to go through being thought of as a mode, a condition of being, instead of another equal variation of race.

        “PEOPLE OF color” puts the emphasis on the people, and “COLORED people” puts the emphasis on the state of being “colored” or modified. So one places the person in an active mode vs a passive, receiving mode.

        As a fan of the 1960s civil rights moment, both in spirit and fashion, I love using the term “black” because it carries with it a certain kind of beauty and dignity: black power, black pride.

        I also always like to remind people that Puerto Ricans come in all shapes, colors and flavors: from the Pacific/Asian folks, to German settlers, Spanish, Irish gingers and Afro-Caribbean folks, we are just as diverse as “Norte-Americanos” are!

  3. colaboy29 says:

    Larry/Lola was such a joy to listen to! I hope you have him on again soon.

  4. GaryS says:

    Brava Lola, Bravo Larry, and Bravi Marc and Fausto! Thanks for another fun and interesting podcast. I found myself listening to it start to finish twice! You HAVE to have Lola back on soon. You guys and gal only scratched the fascinating surface on the Drag in PR, NYC Drag in the 80′-90’s, and Drag in Academia topics, all of which would be great to hear Lola talk more about. And I loved hearing you describe your yummy creation, ‘Pastelón. NOW I have to listen a 3rd time to get the recipe! . 😉 Fabulous. xoxoxo

    • Here’s a good recipe (I haven’t tried it)

      But my way of doing it involves this:

      1- Make stewed beef (with chuck roast, etc) and tomato/sofrito, in a crock pot or slow cooker.

      2- boil frozen yucca root until it’s super duper soft, then mash with hot cream, garlic, olive oil and adobo to make a mashed potato style yucca root.

      3- sautee a box of frozen spinach with onions and seasoning.

      4- slice and lightly fry several yellow plantains.

      Arrange everying on a greased (olive oil) baking dish: plantains on bottom, then meat, spinach and mashed yucca. Make a pattern with a fork (so it gets crispy) and spray with olive oil pam. Bake in a 350 degree oven until you think it’s ready (the flavors will mix and the yucca root will be crispy and browned on top.)

      Best served right out of the oven! You can also make these into mini casseroles by arranging them in ramekins.

  5. Fishsauce says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! So glad that Larry is back! I’ve been missing him =)

    I agree with all the above posts that Larry needs to come on more often, like he used to. Can’t wait to have him on again! Love you all, Fausto, Marc and Larry!

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