FOF #2787 – Scott Herman is Still Going Strong

Oct 3, 2019 · 2222 views

Scott Herman inspired a whole generation of people to work out and live their authentic selves. Photos: Scott Herman.

For folks who grew up with the internet, Scott Hermnan’s workout videos inspired a whole generation of people to lift weights and be their best.

After his 2009 appearance on MTV’s Real World Brooklyn, Scott became a sensation for not just being another pretty face on TV but for his friendship with transgender castmate Katelynn Cusanelli.

Scott’s no-nonsense approach to working out has made him one of the top fitness video bloggers of all time, with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube alone and he now runs the widely popular Muscular Strength website and app.

Today fitness icon Scott Herman joins us to talk about his decade making workout videos and being an LGBTQ ally.

Marc Felion, Scott Herman and Fausto Fernós in 2010. Photo Curtis Jensen.


How Captain America inspired Scott and many other people like him to develop their mind and body.

The most important workout video Scott’s ever made.

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