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FOF #2787 – Scott Herman is Still Going Strong

For folks who grew up with the internet, Scott Hermnan’s workout videos inspired a whole generation of people to lift weights and be their best. Scott’s no-nonsense approach to working out has made him one of the top fitness video bloggers of all time.

Today fitness icon Scott Herman joins us to talk about his decade making workout videos and being an LGBTQ ally.


April is stress awareness month.  What better way to eliminate stress than to CRUNCH it out!?  The SHF ABS of GLORY routine will get your abs looking SO GOOD that there will be nothing to […]

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VIDEO: My Body is Ready!

What’s going on Nation!?  As January approaches we want to make sure everyone is ready to take their fitness to the next level!  Many of you will be setting your goals high for your New […]

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Obliques can be a very challenging part of the body to mold and sculpt. To make them really pop, you have to hit them hard and utilize some weighted exercises. This routine can be done […]

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VIDEO: My Chest Workout- Scott Herman

This chest routine will deliver a muscle burn of epic proportions! The burn sets will teach your chest to never be stubborn again when it comes to GROWTH! So if you are looking to add […]

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VIDEO: Cher is Awesome on Twitter, Lady Gaga as Elvira and Should We Become Gay Missionaries?

If you love Cher’s music, you’ll love her delightfully crazy tweets. Check out our video series as we examine all the hot news and more.

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VIDEO: Homeland Muscularity- ”Be a 10 in 2010” With My Military Style Workout!

To protect our Nation you must be a lean & mean fighting machine! This routine will test your strength and agility to the MAX. There may not be a gym at every army base, but you can […]

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Scott Herman Attacked in Road Rage Incident

Reality TV star and fitness hunk Scott Herman was attacked during a road rage incident. Scott says he was driving down the road in his pimped out Scott Herman Fitnessmobile when three men in a […]

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VIDEO: Barbarians Do It Better

Our weekly roundup of some of the hot news topics and clips from the podcast. If the Bachmanns think LGBT folks are barbarians, I say we start dressing up the part. Barbarians are hot!

Plus- What’s Scott Herman’s sex life really like, what role do orgasms have in building muscle? Amy Armstrong shares what it’s like hanging out with Bears on a gay cruise ship. And finally, what would you like to see Lady Gaga do next?

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