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The Official FULL Length “300 Spartan Workout” Featuring Scott Herman

SPARTANS!!! PREPARE FOR GLORY!! This is the same workout the actors did to get ready for their roles as Spartan’s in the movie 300 watch it and try it on your own! My goal is […]

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VIDEO: Peek-a-Boo Front Lateral Raises

One funny thing about doing this shoulder excercise, front lateral raises is that if you do it with a plate, you can play “peek-a-boo” with yourself in the mirror.

Here’s my attempt with a 45 lb plate to demonstrate the “peek-a-boo” effect. Please be kind! I know my form isn’t great, so please use Scott Herman’s videos for form, not this one.

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PHOTOS: Scott Herman is Way Too Hott

Scott Herman gets a lot of attention for his good looks and great body, but what really piqued the attention of this fitness model turned video blogger is how he’s always been 110% in support […]

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FOF #1137 – Scott Herman Wants You to Work Out

Here’s a challenge: be a 10 in 2010! Today the handsome Scott Herman from MTV’s Real World Brooklyn shares his secrets on getting into shape.

Scott’s leveraged his appearance on Real World into a popular website and video blog where he shows how to work out and eat right, and he does it without his shirt off! Plus: behind the scenes in Real World, the power of water and why Captain America is for marriage equality.

Ask Fitness Expert Scott Herman Anything

Talking to the very handsome Scott Herman from MTV’s Real World Brooklyn. Scott got into the last season of the show under the encouragement by one of his clients. “Brooklyn” got a lot of GLBT […]

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Scott Herman Wants You To Know That He’s Not Gay

One of the hottest and cutest hetero muscle dorks on YouTube, Scott Herman made a name for himself when he appeared on the reality tv show Real World: Brooklyn. When he’s not busy making videos […]

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